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Vogon spam is even worse than the poetry

If you read my previous blogs about P2P/inbox-mediaone/traclickmedia spam offering the currently-defunct Limewire (though some sort of replacement has been promised), you'll be glad to know that not only have they caught up with the latest news, but are now offering an alternative that is cleaner, faster, friendlier and safer. Yeah, right… In fact, looking

Limewire Livewire

Clearly, the news about the demise of the Limewire service hasn't reached P2P Technologies yet, or, more likely, they're hoping it hasn't reached you...

Limewire, free software, and for‑fee membership

...there are a number of other potential risks from offers like this (as I've pointed out before) ... Paying for software that's actually free and for services that aren't worth the money ... Paying for software that turns out to be malicious ... Parting with credit card and other data that might be misused...