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Guarding against password reset attacks with pen and paper

With the recent announcements of password breaches at LinkedIn, and warnings from Google about state-sponsored attacks on Gmail accounts, it seems like a good idea now to review some password security basics.  In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at a rather low-tech solution to a decidedly high-tech problem:  How to guard

SKYPE: (S)ecurely (K)eep (Y)our (P)ersonal (E)-communications

SKYPE: Securely Keep Your Personal E-communications From time to time people get new computer equipment and need to (re-)install all their favorite programs. Often a painful and time-consuming job, but afterwards it should ease the way of working with the new equipment. Even security gurus have to undergo this procedure at regular intervals. In November

*My AIIM is – errr, about 50 miles off

OK, perhaps this is a grumpy old man moment… Today I received a magazine through the post that included a flyer for the AIIM 2010 roadshow. AIIM, formerly the National Microfilm Association and later the Association for Information and Image Management (hence AIIM) describes itself as "the community that provides education, research, and best practices