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Securing Your Holiday Tech Gifts, Part 1: Windows PC Guide

[UPDATE #1:  (21 Dec 2012, 5:30PM) ESET Researcher Cameron Camp has just published the second part of this series on securing your Android device.  Read it here on the ESET Threat Blog at Securing Your Holiday Tech Gifts, Part 2: Android Guide.  AG] December is upon us, and whether you have a Christmas tree, menorah,

Windows Phone 8: Security Heaven or Hell?

Introduction Mobile World Congress 2012 is almost upon us, and one of the most hotly-anticipated topics is the next generation of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8, which has been kept under wraps far more tightly than its PC counterpart, Windows 8. While Microsoft was an early adopter in the creation of smartphones with

Where there’s smoke, there’s FireWire

Forensic software developer PassWare announced a new version of its eponymous software forensics kit on Tuesday. Already several news sources are writing about how the program can automatically obtain the login password from a locked or sleeping Mac simply by plugging in a USB flash drive containing their software and connecting it to another computer

A Virus Unplugged Your Hard Drive

I recently came across a few videos on YouTube where TV stations did undercover investigations for computer repair work. It is amazing how often a non-existent virus gets blamed for problems. If you ever need computer repair work done and you are not real tech savvy, it pays to get referrals  and if the cost

Viral Implants (not what you think)

There was a bit of a stir today around a British scientist, Dr. Mark Gasson. In the BBC article Dr. Gasson was touted as the “First Human ‘Infected With a Computer Virus’”. I let this one stew around for a few seconds and I have to say that this isn’t what it’s cracked up to