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Buzz, Privacy, Google, and You

A couple of weeks ago Google added Buzz to Gmail and in doing so exposed the contacts of many users without their knowledge. This created quite a stir and Google had to make some changes fairly quickly. I am quite interested in the thoughts of people concerning how Google launched Buzz and if it changed

A Cautionary Tale for Health Care Providers, the Clergy, and others

So how bad was the roll out of Google Buzz? Let’s start with a little bit of history first. Either before or after you read this blog, I would appreciate your impressions of how Google rolled out buzz. I have a survey up at Several years ago, Microsoft initiated their SDL, Security Design Lifecycle

The Google End Game

I came across an interesting side effect of Google forcing Gmail to be a social networking site. A young lady in middle school replied to a Buzz about what you think about Buzz. Her response? “I am just getting the hang of Buzz right now too. I don't really go on blogging websites since my

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Google for Buzz This is not a surprise. Google made an egregious privacy error when they published people’s private contacts without consent.  In a recent blog entry at the official Gmail blog, Google claims to have rolled out the improvements they had promised. The feedback is that the improvements are not working and Google continues to

Google the Buzz Bomber

Here’s an update on “Is Gmail Spyware” First of all a link I gave to a blog no longer works. The Blogger has restricted access to her blog, understandably. You can read the original blog post at Google is supposed to be the “Do no evil” company. Actually those aren’t Google’s words, you

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