Antimalware Day

Would you like to get involved in cybersecurity? Discover your ideal job!

If you see yourself often being curious about the behavior of computer threats, maybe it’s time you consider getting involved in cybersecurity.

Let’s call them… how two computer scientists made history

Can you imagine how Dr. Cohen actually created the virus or how Prof. Adleman came up with its name? The work of these men ended up inspiring a constant development of computer defense techniques, and constant research on computer threats

Learn how a research lab works

The story of viruses took place in a university laboratory and, keeping in mind the parallelism, we want to show you what is a malware research laboratory like and what exactly happens there.

Professor Len Adleman explains how he coined the term “computer virus”

In 1983, two computer scientists made history and we want to honor their early work. They laid the foundation for research on computer threats, and for what later came to be our mission on antimalware protection.

Antimalware Day: Genesis of viruses… and computer defense techniques

To honor the work of Dr. Fred Cohen and Professor Len Adleman, and the foundation they laid for research of computer threats, we decided to declare November 3 as the first ever Antimalware Day.

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