Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos
Head of LATAM Research Lab
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Education Software Engineering student at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina.

Highlights of career Virus Bulletin speaker in Dallas 2012

Position and history at ESET Security Researcher

What malware you hate the most? Win32/Dorkbot

Favorite activities Running, Skateboarding, Snowboard, Surf and Futbol

What is your golden rule for cyberspace? Keep it as safe and open as you can

When did you get your first computer and what kind? I was only a child, I still do not remember the model, and I was only 7 years old.

Favorite computer game/activity Winning Eleven, Age of the Empires and programming

Crimeware: Malware and massive campaigns around the world

Cases of malware and crimeware incidents are reported daily around the world. Indeed, the number of reports, detections and threats grows constantly.

5 threats every company needs to pay attention to

ESET’s Pablo Ramos takes a closer a look at the most common threats facing companies today and the impact that they can have.

CTB-Locker: Multilingual Malware Demands Ransom

Starting a few days ago, we began receiving multiple reports of malware-spreading campaigns in various countries mostly in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Chronology of a Skype attack

By the middle of May, users around the world started to receive messages from their contacts through different instant-messaging applications, such as Skype and Gtalk – an attack that showed off how age-old techniques can ensnare thousands of users. Here, we analyze this attack.

What do a banking Trojan, Chrome, and a government mail server have in common?

New analysis and white paper detail how ESET researchers helped stop criminal hackers exploiting a Brazilian government website to retrieve data stolen by Trojan code that used spam and a Chrome browser plugin to steal confidential data from online banking customers.

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