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Securing Our eCity Listed as Winner of National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge

For the Best Local/Community Plan, Securing Our eCity San Diego and MyMainePrivacy were both selected as winners. Both proposals offered innovated strategies for grassroots collaborative approaches with state and local government, public and private sector, and the academic community through their online classroom style trainings. The National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge, which Secretary Napolitano announced in

The Jury Duty Scam

A couple of months ago I posted a blog while flying at about 30,000 feet. That was a first for me and today I have a new first. I’m writing and posting a blog from the jury waiting room as I wait to see if I’ll be a juror. Of course, this reminded me of

Do You Have a Process?

USB thumb drives, such as those pictured below from, are very popular marketing item, but oftentimes people are not aware of the digital risks these devices can present. In recent years many USB devices have been sold or given way only to be found to be pre-infected from the factory. At a recent security

Anti‑Skimming Tips at Debit‑only Pumps

Today as I filled up, I noticed that they changed my BP / Arco pump kiosk’s payment instructions, probably as a result of the Hotea Arco skimming case a few years back. With the recent commentary on skimming David Harley provided, I thought a picture of anti-skimming advice might speak a thousand words – or

A Virus Unplugged Your Hard Drive

I recently came across a few videos on YouTube where TV stations did undercover investigations for computer repair work. It is amazing how often a non-existent virus gets blamed for problems. If you ever need computer repair work done and you are not real tech savvy, it pays to get referrals  and if the cost

Stock Manipulation Botnets Gain Ground

The attacks from cybercriminals are now occurring in the online stock and equity trading world. Instead of simply emptying out compromised brokerage accounts, cybercriminals apparently are refining their attacks and striking at broader and more lofty goals: the trust mechanisms of business equity valuations with publicly traded stocks and equities. George Hulme, InformationWeek contributing writer

Free Internet AND a Laptop to Use!!!

Recently ESET held a partner’s conference in Cyprus. As I was walking down the Street in Cyprus I saw the following sign:   Hey, what a deal!!! Free internet access AND a laptop to use while you are there!!! So, I did the respectable thing. I ordered a beer in addition to asking if I

Apple Quietly Updates Malware Protection

Apple Insider has reported that Apple has silently added rudimentary protection for a threat that they call HellRTS. Our own David Harley has blogged about this at At the same time that Apple tries to fool users into thinking that malware doesn’t run on Macs, Apple is very slowly beginning to add very basic

Intuit Comes Back… sort of

Ginny Lee, CIO at Intuit stated: Our preliminary investigation indicates the outage occurred during a routine maintenance procedure Tuesday night. An accidental power failure during that procedure affected both our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit websites and services offline. While power was quickly restored, we’re working diligently to validate our systems

Intuit Offline

For more than 24 hours Intuit has been offline. Intuit is a financial services company that provides the products TurboTax, Quicken and the QuickBooks accounting program. According to the Wall Street Journal Intuit has ruled out a cyber attack, however, the duration of the outage would tend to indicate a security breach. It is quite

Truly Touching

I was greeted with the most charming email this morning. A young lady is so impressed with me that she wants to share our heart's desires. Take a look… she sent it in two languages to make sure I would understand her. Ahh, but then I checked out who the email was sent to… It

Java: Worse than Adobe and Microsoft for vulnerabilities?

Brian Krebs thinks so: Java is now among the most frequently-attacked programs, and appears to be fast replacing Adobe as the target of choice for automated exploit tools used by criminals. Of the systems which I personally administrate as the ‘Chief Family Technology Officer’, the Java updates constantly annoy and confuse my mom who uses

Pharma Phraud

Spam that advertises Canadian pharmacies makes up a very significant percentage of all the spam out there. Part of the reason there is so much of this spam is that it works. There is a huge incentive driven extensively by the American pharmaceutical industry keeping prices artificially high in America. Many Americans cannot afford the

E3 Opens Tomorrow

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, opens in Los Angeles on June 15th. There will be a lot of news coming out of this major expo and that means a lot of press. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all set to announce new games and motion control devices that are certain to attract a lot

Ohhhh Free Money!!!

I received the following email recently: Greetings, Please forgive me for the unofficial way of reaching you via email Contacting you is the only option left to me due to the doctors report on my deteriorating health condition which raised a lot of worries regarding some amount of money i secured in Iraq. For you

Will Free Wi‑Fi at Starbucks and McDonalds Spread Malware?

Reports that Starbucks (NASD: SBUX) will be offering free 802.11 wireless access at all US locations starting July 1st raised some speculative eyebrows with this Threat Blogger wondering about whether proliferation of open access points on a brand-name and nationwide basis will spread malware or increase the theft of identity rich account login information often

$161.84 to Infect 20,000 Users

In a paper titled “Is the Internet for Porn? An Insight Into the Online Adult Industry”  and presented at The Workshop on the Economics of Information Security conference, researchers spent $161.84 to have approximately 49,000 visitors directed to their adult web sites. As visitors arrived, the research adult web sites would check to see if