Denise Giusto Bilić

Denise Giusto Bilić

Security Researcher

Education? Information Systems Engineer graduated from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Argentina. I’ve taken numerous independent courses oriented towards information security and I'm currently specializing in mobile malware analysis.

Highlights of your career? Since those early years in college I participated in several research projects regarding software development, Artificial Intelligence and information security, simultaneously working as a freelance programmer.

Position and history at ESET? After several months working as an external technical writer for WeLiveSecurity in Spanish, I joined ESET Latin America in January 2015 as a Security Researcher, to detect and analyze existing trends regarding information security.

What malware do you hate the most? The one from which I can’t learn anything.

Favorite activities? Learning languages, travelling, reading, writing, drawing, playing guitar, dancing, horse riding, biking, among others.

What is your golden rule for cyberspace? Setting up a safe work environment is very important, but even more important is to be logical... always!

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? In 1999 I got my first Compaq Deskpro 2000 with a Celeron processor and an awesome 1.8 GB hard drive.

Favorite computer game/activity? Researching new technologies and analyzing malware, with just the right dose of any game that allows me to destroy orcs in the Middle Earth.

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