Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya
Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya
Head of Awareness & Research
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Education: Degree in Electronic Engineering from Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia) and MSc (c) in Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Highlights of your career? I studied two careers at Universidad de Antioquia and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. When I finished, I started working in security in financial institutions of my country.

Position and history at ESET? I started working at ESET in 2012 as an Awareness & Research Specialist. In 2016 I became Head of Awareness & Research for Latin America.

What malware do you hate the most? Adware

Favorite activities? Diving anhd climbing are two activities in which I could invest most of my free time.

What is your golden rule for cyberspace? There's a lot of information on the Internet, but a lot of it is fake, so don't believe in everything you read.

When did you get your first computer and what kind was it? I remember it was in 1994, a 386 computer with MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 interface.

Favorite computer game/activity? I used to spend hours playing Age of Empires, but now I use that time for searching and analyzing information about my study subjects.

ESET Trends for 2017: Holding security ransom

ESET’s Trends for 2017: Security Held Ransom report includes a review of the most important events of last year and outlines trends in cybercriminal activity and cyberthreats for 2017.

Types of VPN networks and how they work: do you know which kind to use?

WeLiveSecurity delves deeper into VPN networks, asking how do they work? And what are the most common types of VPN that can be implemented?

Ransomware: First files … now complete devices

Over the past year, cases of ransomware have gained prominence in the field of computer security due to a notable growth in the number of victims. This is, in turn, due to the significant profits that cybercriminals can obtain from this type of malicious campaign.

Critical infrastructure: It’s time to make security a priority

The importance of ensuring information security on critical infrastructure has been recognized for years, yet there are still cases that illustrate the need for improvement.

Remtasu is disguising itself as a tool to appropriate Facebook accounts

Almost a year ago we warned about the spreading of Remtasu, and far from lessening, we have been able to identify numerous instances of this threat being propagated further.

5 key aspects for safe virtualization

Camilo Gutierrez Amaya looks at five key aspects for aspects that companies should be taken into consideration when developing a virtualization project.

5 things you can monitor with your parental control tool

One of the biggest concerns parents have about the internet is the sites their children are browsing. Parental control tools can help allay this worry.

Your kids online: 5 ways to keep them out of harm’s way

With children gradually going back to school in Latin American regions, it’s time to remind our children of the importance of IT security.

The ABC of information security

There are three fundamental elements that must not be overlooked when starting out in corporate security, summarized as the ‘ABC of information security’.

IDS, Firewall and Antivirus: what you need to have installed?

What’s the difference between IDS, firewalls and antivirus? This guide should explain how they complement each other in a balanced security setup.

7 tasks that waste your IT team’s time

IT teams’ time is always limited, and it doesn’t help when other things get in the way. Here’s seven things that waste your IT team’s time.

Myths about malware: an exploit is the same as malware

In this post we want to share with you a question that arose from the first post in this series: whether exploits are the same as malware. What are we talking about? The best way to debunk any myth is to start by understanding what it is we are talking about.

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