Bruce Burrell
Bruce Burrell
Security Researcher
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Education: I highly recommend it.

Position: Security researcher

Most-loathed malware: Whatever afflicts the customer

Golden Rule: Never open attachments or links in unsolicited email (or IMs, or whatever), even when they appear to be from those you know and trust; Silver Rule: Protect your privacy!

First computer: Digi-Comp     

Back to university: cybersecurity now a major concern in higher education

Cybersecurity topics and panels were rated one of the “6 Best Things” at the recent Campus Tech conference, in Boston.

Criminals target school data: top 10 security measures for educational institutions

Every educational institution should be aware that cyber criminals make money by stealing personal information and selling it on the black market to other criminals who turn the data into cash through a range of fraudulent schemes. Here are ten security measures schools should take to defend against this type of data crime.

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