October 2017

Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you go global

As you company grows globally you will be faced with many challenges and it can be easy to forget, unintentionally, some of the steps you have gone through to get to the position your company finds itself in.

Antimalware Day: Genesis of viruses… and computer defense techniques

To honor the work of Dr. Fred Cohen and Professor Len Adleman, and the foundation they laid for research of computer threats, we decided to declare November 3 as the first ever Antimalware Day.

Heathrow security plans ‘found on USB stick left in the street’

This weekend British tabloid newspaper The Sunday Mirror warned of a potential “risk to national security” after a memory stick containing sensitive information about Heathrow airport was reportedly “found in the street.”

ESET research team assists FBI in Windigo case – Russian citizen sentenced to 46 months

Relating the collaboration between ESET experts and the FBI about the Windigo’s operation, which ended with the sentencing of Maxim Senakh.

Windigo Still not Windigone: An Ebury Update

In 2014, ESET researchers wrote a blog post about an OpenSSH backdoor and credential stealer called Linux/Ebury In 2017, the team found a new Ebury sample.

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Educating the next generation

A long-term strategy focused on training and educating the next generation will help to ensure enough people have the right skills for the future.

How to secure your router to prevent IoT threats?

The router is the first device that you must consider, since it not only controls the perimeter of your network, but all your traffic and information pass through it.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Twitter Chats part 4

In our previous blog entries we covered Simple Steps to Online Safety and Cybersecurity in the Workplace. In the blog today we will be talking about some of today’s predictions when it comes to the internet of tomorrow.

Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you stay energized

Canadian small and medium businesses (SMBs) use a multitude of skills and resources to continuously improve all aspects of their companies’ performance.

Bad Rabbit: Not-Petya is back with improved ransomware

A new ransomware outbreak today has hit some major infrastructure in Ukraine including Kiev metro. Here are some details about this new variant of Petya.

Kiev metro hit with a new variant of the infamous Diskcoder ransomware

Public sources have confirmed that computer systems in the Kiev Metro, Odessa naval port, Odessa airport, Ukrainian ministries of infrastructure and finance, and also a number of organizations in Russia are among the affected organizations.

Hackers hit plastic surgery, threaten to release patient list and photographs

Other cosmetic surgeries who wish to avoid hackers damage their public image would be wise to invest properly in security now, or face the consequences later.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Twitter Chats part 3

In the first two parts of our series we have looked at the role an everyday internet user has in making the internet a safer place, and ID theft. This time around we focus on the role everyone has when it comes to cybersecurity best practices in the workplace.

Fake cryptocurrency trading apps on Google Play

With all the hype around cryptocurrencies, cybercriminals are trying to grab whatever new opportunity they can – be it hijacking users’ computing power to mine cryptocurrencies via browsers or by compromising unpatched machines, or various scam schemes utilizing phishing websites and fake apps.

US warns of ongoing attacks on energy firms and critical infrastructure

The US Department of Homeland Security and FBI have warned that hackers are actively targeting government departments, and firms working in the energy, nuclear, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors.

Top tips to keep cybercriminals out of your home

Better security of your internet router is one of the simplest ways in which you can cyber-safeguard your home, and the technology you keep there.

OSX/Proton spreading again through supply-chain attack

Our researchers noticed that the makers of the Elmedia Player software have been distributing a version of their app trojanized with the OSX/Proton malware.

UEFI malware: how to exploit a false sense of security

When thinking about security we generally take risk into account. It is well known that risk is a composition of likelihood and potential impact.

Canadian SMBs: The importance of a stable foundation

You always build from the ground up, and every small-medium business (SMB) must build a strong foundation with their management team.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Twitter Chats part 2

In the first part of our series we addressed issues such as the role an everyday internet user has in making the internet a safer place, and ID theft. The second part of the Twitter chat continues with the theme of Simple Steps to Online Safety.

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