June 2017

Fines for poor data security double in UK

A report from PwC found that many companies across the UK are still unprepared for GDPR measures, despite fines for non-compliance doubling in a year.

Testing, marketing, and rummaging in the FUD banks

Early in 2017, Kevin Townsend invited David Harley and others to comment on vendor hype. Here he expands on his original commentary.

Botnets overshadowed by ransomware (in media)

Regardless of how prominent and effective ransomware appears to be, it is not the most dangerous form of malware.

Turla’s watering hole campaign: An updated Firefox extension abusing Instagram

The Turla espionage group is still using watering hole techniques to redirect potentially interesting victims to their C&C infrastructure.

OneLogin data breach may have compromised encrypted information

The OneLogin breach once again highlights the importance of how companies protect their encrypted data.

Infosecurity Europe: 10 interesting talking points

Just weeks after one of the largest global ransomware attacks in history, Infosecurity Europe returns for its 22nd installment.

In ongoing phishing fight, Google to delay delivery of suspicious messages to enterprise Gmail customers

How well Google protects its business customers impacts all of us – whether we have personally chosen to be users of Google’s services or not.

A generation of connected kids

Speaking as a parent and security expert, Tony Anscombe looks at the challenges, advantages and opportunities that connected kids are exposed to.

$8 trillion ‘to be lost to cybercrime in next 5 years’

Businesses are set lose $8 trillion to cybercrime over the course of the next five years, according to a new report.

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