May 2017

Tablet security: Is it as good as your smartphone?

This short feature aims to draw attention to some of the key things you should be doing to bolster your tablet security to keep cybercriminals at bay.

Hackers who stole information from law firms and made millions by insider trading, fined $9 million

Law firms, PR agencies, newswires, accountants… all manner of firms need to ensure that they are working hard to secure the information entrusted to them by their corporate clients, and keep it out of unauthorised hands.

Anti-trust, EU complaints and the anti-malware industry

ESET’s Tony Anscombe takes a closer look at the anti-malware industry.

Holidaymakers warned against increased threat from online fraudsters

An increasing number of holidaymakers are finding themselves targeted by online fraudsters, according to a new study.

IDC: 1 in 5 companies prepared for GDPR

A quarter of European companies admit they were not aware of GDPR, with more than half unsure of the impact it will have, according to a new survey.

Sednit adds two zero-day exploits using ‘Trump’s attack on Syria’ as a decoy

Sednit is back – this time with two more zero-day exploits embedded in a phishing email titled Trump’s_Attack_on_Syria_English.docx.

FCC confirms DDoS attacks

The Federal Communications Commission in the US has confirmed that it experienced multiple distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) over the weekend.

Jackware hits the big screen in #Fast8: Fate of the Furious

ESET’s Stephen Cobb examines how close we are to the kind of jackware technology shown in the latest Fast and Furious film franchise, Fate of the Furious.

False positives can be more costly than a malware infection

Poor business decisions can be very costly, especially in cybersecurity, where so-called false positives can have very damaging consequences.

Big changes in the infosec landscape: Time to take note and take action

There are big changes happening to the infosec landscape:, says ESET’s Michael Aguilar. It’s therefore time to take note and take action.

Malware warning for Mac users, after HandBrake mirror download server hacked

A mirror download server for the popular tool HandBrake video file-transcoding app has been compromised by hackers, who replaced its Mac edition with malware.

Cybercriminals are saying it with flowers from Debenhams

Criminal hackers have struck again and stolen the personal data of 26,000 Debenhams Flowers customers. Here’s what you need to know and do.

Surveillance, cybersecurity, and the future of privacy in The Circle

If surveillance, cybersecurity, and privacy are things you think about a lot, you should find The Circle interesting viewing.

Gannett Co data breach: 18,000 employees reportedly affected

Gannett Co, which owns a host of media titles across the US, has reportedly suffered a data breach following a phishing attack.

Security education and social responsibility

We look at key trends for 2017 within this sector, from password security to the need for security education at all institutions: schools, businesses, governments.

A short history of the computer password

The modern computer password was introduced to computer science and the wider world in 1960 by Fernando Corbató. We look at its history and impact.

Fingerprint security: Three myths busted

Fingerprint security is growing in prominence, but is the technology behind it really as secure as we think it is? In this feature, we tackle three myths.

Beware Google Docs phishing attack

Recently, many people received a phishing email from a address that was attached to a malicious Google doc. Beware.

A DDoS attack could cost businesses as much as $2.5 million

Businesses that fall victim to a DDoS attack could lose, on average, as much as $2.5 million in revenue, new research has suggested.

No more pointless password requirements

Peter Stancik discusses the new Digital Identity Guidelines drafted by NIST, which offers an update on password security.

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