The security review: How secure are our cash machines?

Welcome to this week’s security review, including a closer look at cash machine security on the 49-year anniversary of the ATM. Also this week, we looked at how to stay safe from malicious scripts and how to avoid data leaks by plugging the holes in your organization’s defenses.

ATMs turn 49: How secure are our cash machines?

Forty nine years after the first cash machine was installed in London, ATMs have become a permanent fixture of high streets the world over. On this anniversary ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič asks how safe are our cash machines today? Plus, what can you do to keep your cash secure?

scripts maliciosos

Malicious scripts in compromised websites: How to stay safe

Some of the most dangerous vectors used by criminals are those that involve scripts, since they are hard to detect, says ESET’s Josep Albors. So how do malicious scripts work and how do you protect yourself?

Espionage toolkit targeting Central and Eastern Europe uncovered

Over the last year ESET has detected and analyzed several instances of malware used for targeted espionage – dubbed SBDH toolkit. The findings were presented during the Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference 2016, at which researchers Tomáš Gardoň and Robert Lipovský spoke on the threats targeting Central and Eastern Europe.

Please stop spreading the Facebook privacy notice hoax

Please stop spreading the Facebook privacy notice hoax

A Facebook hoax which promises users increased control over their privacy settings has been debunked by the social network. We Live Security contributor Graham Cluley said that chain letters and hoaxes waste time and can often spread misleading or even downright dangerous advice to unwary computer users. “If you really care about who can see and share what you post on Facebook,” he said, “then you would be served much better by checking your privacy settings… or indeed, not posting the content in the first place.”

Digital patch kit: How to plug holes in your defenses

Knowing where your weak spots are as organization is important, as is ensuring that you actively do everything you can to stay secure from data leaks. We Live Security looks at five key approaches for plugging the holes in your defenses.


Stay cyber safe on the road: 10 tips for the summer season

Traveling this summer? It’s not just your towel and toothbrush you need to remember. ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič lays out a 10-step plan for staying ‘cyber safe’ on the road.

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