June 2016

Do you know if your child is being cyberbullied? These are the red flags

As June 17th is Stop Cyberbullying Day, we have prepared a list of indicators that can help parents recognize whether their offspring is being cyberbullied.

Nemucod ups its game

The creators of Nemucod, the code responsible for downloading and executing malware like Locky, have been hard at work polishing their code.

Organizational cybersecurity efforts ‘needs bolstering’

Organizations need to take charge of their cybersecurity efforts to ensure they are well-equipped to deal with this growing threat.

Comparing dads across nations: Who has the strictest parents?

Which country has the strictest parents? ESET’s recent survey tests whether old stereotypes ring true in the digital era.

Windows 10 security and privacy: An in-depth review and analysis

As Windows 10 nears its one year anniversary, WeLiveSecurity gives an in-depth review of the operating system from a security and privacy perspective.

VerticalScope experiences major data breach: 45 million records stolen

VerticalScope has experienced a major data breach, with cybercriminals making off with over 45 million records belonging to over 1,100 websites, it has been reported.

Quantum Computation: A cryptography armageddon?

ESET’s Cassius Puodzius takes an in-depth look at cryptography, exploring quantum computing (one of the resources in the toolkit of cryptanalysts).

Apple looks into the benefits of differential privacy

Differential privacy is going to be key to how Apple collects, stores and uses data, the tech giant revealed during its Worldwide Developers Conference.

The security review: Ray-Ban scam is back

Welcome to this week’s security review, including news of a returning Ray-Ban scam that has spread from social media to email.

32 million Twitter account credentials up for grabs – but site says it wasn’t hacked

Over 30 million Twitter account details are put up for sale on the computer underground.

From a drip to a flood: The impact of a data leak

Data leaks, especially from an organization’s point of view, are a huge and growing problem. The impact can be severe, as this feature highlights.

Hours before Euro 2016, fake websites are still offering overpriced tickets

Online scammers are trying to take advantage of fans desperately scouring the web for the last few tickets to Euro 2016 via newly created fake websites.

Hitting emails and Facebook: Ray-Ban scam is back

Recently, we informed you about a Ray-Ban scam campaign flooding Facebook via hacked profiles. It seems this hasn’t satisfied the attackers They’re back.

Most organizations unconfident in ability to protect data after breach

The majority of IT professionals say they are not confident in their ability to keep their organization’s data secure following a breach, a Gemalto study has found.

University of Calgary bows down to ransomware demands

The University of Calgary has handed over $20,000 CND to cybercriminals, who had launched a ransomware attack on the institution.

Crimeware: Malware and massive campaigns around the world

Cases of malware and crimeware incidents are reported daily around the world. Indeed, the number of reports, detections and threats grows constantly.

IRS’s new Get Transcript online service benefits from enhanced cybersecurity

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US has relaunched its Get Transcript online service, which it says is delivers enhanced cybersecurity.

Mandatory password reset for some Facebook and Netflix users in wake of mega-breaches

Don’t panic. Facebook and Netflix have not suffered a data breach. But it’s quite possible that they are asking you to change your password.

Is the federal government doing enough to catch and prosecute computer criminals?

With ransomware running rampant we asked Americans if they thought the US federal government was doing enough to catch and prosecute computer criminals.

Beyond TeslaCrypt: Crysis family lays claim to parts of its territory

It has been two weeks since ESET created a TeslaCrypt decryptor, which allows victims of this ransomware to get their files back. Since then, over 32,000 users around the globe have taken advantage of this opportunity and downloaded the tool.

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