Securing devices at Christmas: Wordsearch


As we noted in our informative feature on device security, a lot of youngsters will be keen to find among the many presents gathered around the Christmas tree an expertly wrapped gift that they believe to be a mobile device of sorts.

Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, tech of this ilk is highly prized by children and young people (and adults, of course). Securing these devices before handing them over is vital and to make sure you’ve done your homework – and read our fantastic guide – we’ve put together a festive-inspired security wordsearch. Enjoy and Happy Christmas!



If this has piqued your interest in cybersecurity and you’re curious to learn more, then you’ve come to the right place – we have ample resources to help build up your knowledge and expertise so that you can be confident you’re doing everything you can to keep your children safe when online.

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