Private cybersecurity school set to open in London

A school entirely focussed on teaching cybersecurity skills has launched in the UK, reports Computer Business Review.

The Global Institute of Cyber, Intelligence & Security is opening in London, and will offer short courses covering areas such as cyber resilience, security, military, policing, counter terrorism and financial crime, according to IT Pro Portal.

The school says that the courses are being pitched towards professionals looking to expand their knowledge in key areas of cybersecurity, but may also be of interest to those from other disciplines who would benefit from a greater understanding of modern security issues. Speaking to Computer Weekly, GCIS’s academic director Martin Wright said, “The cyber school aims to provide a better understanding of issues and solutions surrounding the nature of crime, cyber insecurity and terrorism.”

“At a time when international cybersecurity is being continuously tested, we are eager to launch our expert training school in order to up-skill and train people in the industry,” he added.

Speaking at the school’s launch, HP Enterprise chief information security officer Andrea Simmons welcomed the opening, explaining that education is key in the fight against cybercrime: “Security is everyone’s responsibility – it is not just down to IT, and it should be a part of everyone’s day job. Organizations need to get involved with information security and put governance processes around it to ensure that it gets done.”

The news of a specific cybersecurity school opening in England’s capital will also please the country’s government, who just last November were being warned of a ‘global shortage of no less than two million cybersecurity professionals’ by the year 2017.

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    40 % of Internet is bot-nets doing some type of data collection. Cloud run on a encryption flawed internet backbone. Outdated and flawed hardware is on the Internet backbone. And governments fail to notify private sectors of any of these risks. From the government standing a good offence is a good defense. But history shows no defenses at all can bring it all down away by bleeding to death all the other sectors. By damaging the supplying capital to run the whole system.

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