Aussie Travel Cover breached in December hack

Australian travel insurance company Aussie Travel Cover has been breached in a hack that has seen ‘hundreds of thousands’ of travel records stolen, reports Yahoo News Australia.

Unusually, at this stage the company has opted not to inform affected customers, according to ABC News. In an email to its agents, the company stated that because it had reached out to consultants to investigate the breach, “at this stage there is no reason to advise policyholders.”

Aussie Travel Cover became aware that its systems had been breached on December 18 last year, and passed on the information to third party agents on December 23. Yahoo News explains that the hackers stole “a large amount of personal information of travel insurance clients, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, travel dates and how much policies cost.”

Although Aussie Travel Cover stated in the email to its agents that no credit card or bank details were kept on the website or database, ABC claims to have seen records which show first and last parts of credit card numbers, with parts redacted.

Speaking to ABC, Aussie Travel Cover has explained that it is “aware of the issue and cooperating with law enforcement,” but declined to provide any further information.

ABC reports that the incident has been referred to New South Wales Police, as this is where the hack took place, even if – as ABC speculates – the hacker lives in Queensland, a different state. “NSW Police previously said no-one was investigating the matter and confirmed this to again be the case on Monday.”

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