Bebe clothing store suffers payment card breach

The clothing chain Bebe has been the latest company to suffer a breach of payment card information to hackers, reports PC World.

In a statement released by the company, it admitted that cardholder names, account numbers, expiration dates and verification codes could have been stolen by hackers who accessed payment processing systems between November 8 and 26.

“If you used a payment card at a U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands store during this time frame, you should review your account statements for any unauthorized activity,” the statement reads. “If you see any unauthorized charges, contact the bank that issued the card. The credit card companies typically guarantee that cardholders will not be responsible for fraudulent charges.”

Like the leaks from Home Depot, AT&T and Kmart before it, Bebe is offering “credit monitoring services for one year at no cost”, provided the applicant made a purchase at a US, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands store between the affected dates.

Jim Wiggett, the Chief Executive Officer of bebe said, “Our relationship with our customers is of the highest importance. We moved quickly to block this attack and have taken steps to further enhance our security measures.”

The company, which operates 175 retail stores and 35 outlet stores across the United States and Canada, stated that online transactions were unaffected by the breach. It has hired an independent forensics investigative firm to help ‘mitigate the situation’, according to Fortune.

If you’re concerned about recent breaches, either for your business or as a consumer, ESET researcher Lysa Myers has written thorough guides about how to keep yourself and your business safe from such attacks and data leaks in future.

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