Cybercrime: Top experts to form international crook-hunting force

As many as 18 top cybercrime experts from around the world will form a new Joint Cybercrime Action Task Force based in the Hague, which will target “top-level criminals” far faster than any previous force, the Guardian reports. The Joint Cybercrime Action Task Force (J-CAT) said that the new entity would allow action against high-profile criminals to move more quickly than before, “It’s not a talk shop. This has to lead to more arrests,” said  Troels Oerting, head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, according to V3’s report. The unit will be headed by Britain’s Andy Archibald, head of the National Cyber Crime Unit,  according to The Parliament Magazine.

Cybercrime: “This will lead to more arrests”

“The J-CAT will operate from secure offices in Europol’s HQ, assisted by experts and analysts from the EC3. The aim is not purely strategic, but also very operational. The goal is to prevent cyber crime, to disrupt it, catch crooks and seize their illegal profits,” said Troels Oerting, head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, according to V3. “This is a first step in a long walk towards an open, transparent, free but also safe internet. The goal cannot be reached by law enforcement alone, but will require a consolidated effort from many stakeholders in our global village. But the J-CAT will do its part of the necessary ‘heavy lifting’ and that work started today. I am confident we will see practical tangible results very soon.” The Guardian pointed to some of the difficulties facing such organizations – such as the fact that criminals such as Evgeniy Bogachev remain at large, despite being accused of major cybercrimes.

“The goal is to prevent cybercrime”

Archibald, who will head the new organization, organized a major international operation to attack the command and control servers of the notorious banking malware Shylock/Win32/Caphaw. He says that cross-border cooperation is key to success against today’s cyber gangs. The new J-CAT organization will also deal with private-sector companies and computer-emergency teams from other EU organizations to ensure effective information sharing. Mr Archibald said: “There are many challenges faced by law enforcement agencies with regards to cyber criminals and cyber attacks. This is why there needs to be a truly holistic and collaborative approach taken when tackling them.” “The J-CAT will, for the first time, bring together a coalition of countries across Europe and beyond to coordinate the operational response to the common current and emerging global cyber threats faced by J-CAT members.” “This is a unique opportunity for international law enforcement agencies to collectively share our knowledge to defend against cyber related attacks, and the UK’s National Crime Agency is proud to be a founding member”.

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