Flipboard: A new way to enjoy We Live Security on the move

We Live Security has launched on Flipboard – the hit magazine-style app for Kindle, Android and iOS. Every week, we’ll hand-pick the best articles from We Live Security, and the app will automatically keep you up to date with our latest news, features and research.

Just download the app (it’s free), and search for We Live Security. Tap the subscribe icon, and that’s it – you’ll be delivered a hand-picked selection of our best articles.

Articles will now appear in a beautiful magazine format: just “flip” to read the  next story from WeLiveSecurity, as if reading a magazine.

Each week we’ll pick our key stories for the app to keep you in the know. If you like what you read, you can also share stories direct from the app to networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Flipboard accounts work on any of your devices – just enter a password and email – so it’s a great way to keep up with your choice of news stories – now including We Live Security. You can even access Flipboard via PC..

You can also create your own magazines with the app – if you like a We Live Security article, tap the + icon, add other favorite stories from the many other news sources and magazines on Flipboard, and share with friends or followers via social networks.

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  • Ryan Swenson

    This is an amazing addition ESET. Flipboard is one of my main news applications for mobile devices. It is extremely more convenient to read WeLiveSecurity articles, now embedded in Flipboard. Thanks Rob. Amazing News/Press Release.

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