Know who your Friends are: Staying safe on social sites

Making a mistake on Facebook or other social sites takes an instant, but can cost you a great deal – either in terms of accidental “oversharing”, or allowing a cybercriminal access to your computer.

On Facebook, it really does pay to know who your Friends are.

Here are a few tips from ESET security experts on how to stay clear of malware on social media – and how to avoid upsetting Mom.

Worried? Don’t click from within Facebook

Malware often arrives as links. It is often safer to Google the subject of a link or type a website’s main URL into a browser instead of clicking the link.

Think before you share

Sharing information and links without verifying them is risky. You may be tricked into spreading inappropriate or even malicious content.

Posting on social media? Keep it clean

Despite privacy controls, it is almost impossible to control what happens to things you post on social media, so your mother may see it at some point.

Beware of “friends of friends”

Make sure you understand the “friends of friends” settings on your social networks. This can allow people you don’t know to see your page.

Keep checking your settings

You need to review your privacy settings on social media on a regular basis as they may change. For an in-depth guide to how to secure your Facebook profile, click here.

Beware of crazy news stories

Not every link you come across in social media is what it seems, some links are scams, particularly wild or salacious news stories.

Don’t befriend people who aren’t friends

Accepting friend requests from people you don’t know and trust puts your reputation at risk.

Remember that posts last forever

Even if you delete something, it may have been seen and saved already. Anyone who sees a photograph you share can capture a copy on their device and do whatever they want with it.

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