Facebook video scam: 15 seconds? Don’t watch it at all

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One of my Facebook friends drew my attention today to a fast-spreading link. I’m pleased to say that he knew better than to look at it, but I figured it was worth seeing what it was all about. The link comes with this message, according to Facecrooks.com (a good place to check for stuff like this):

98 Percent Of People Cant Watch This Video For More Than 15 Seconds


Needless to say, clicking the link is not a good idea. It’s a survey scam: if you do follow the link, it takes you to a fake Facebook page that looks as if it contains a video, but if you click the “play” button, it loads a “Share” box so that you can irritate all your friends by spamming them with the same message, and then the survey scam. In case you haven’t met these before – I know, not very likely if you have a Facebook account – it’s not there for your benefit: the scammers get paid commission for your clicks, and there is no video to “reward” you.  Well, I suppose it is unwatchable, but not for its gross content…

Now I’m going to return to my Sunday evening relaxation and try not to think about why anyone would want to watch a video like this. (Evidently, promises of gross content are good social engineering: this one is spreading far and wide.)

ESET Senior Research Fellow

Author David Harley, ESET

  • Microhard

    This is really old spam method on facebook :)

    • David Harley

      Of course it’s an old spam/scam. But it’s still working. Otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted part of my Sunday evening on it.

  • Microhard

    Yes of course it was not meaned like a joke on you or on your work (I mean that emoticon). It was only my addition and of course that you are right … it is still working and that is the worst thing at all I think (sorry for my English but I am from Slovakia)

    • David Harley

      No worries. It seems a pity that there aren’t enough of us to track these things more closely, but you can’t cover everything.

  • butch b

    well since i don;t mess with face book much it's nice to know abot things like that. thatnks david for the info.

  • Jafman

    THanks for the information, I fell victim of similar scam on facebook… and i have even shared the link we a lot of friendz…

  • Anna Slaver

    Now there is even porn on acebook news feeds. These "scams" are getting a little out of hand.

  • smelly d

    I got the same spam in my Facebook message box, sent by a friend. I don't quite understand the fascination with fowarding stuff via email and now facebook. "Copy and paste this to your feed and share it with all your friends". 99% of time this stuff is some kind of scam only benefiting the person who started it.

  • Larry

    if you happened to click this link, is there anyway u can get urself out of this spam

  • Vini

    The people try to watch just because it says “98 percent can’t “

    • I can’t remember what the video actually was , two years on. But I think the actual type of content also had a bearing in many cases. I wouldn’t personally waste time watching anything just because N people found it too gross to watch all through.

  • null

    i saw a sponsered link to this page right under a post made by my band teacher. guess what the post was.

  • Sommer Espie

    But, what IS that a picture of though? It’s so gross and weird.

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