More on Stuxnet

A few more developments in the Never-Ending Story:

  • Michael Joseph Gross on A Declaration of Cyber War in Vanity Fair. Despite a somewhat breathless tone in the introduction – "the world’s top software-security experts were panicked by the discovery of a drone-like computer virus" (where's my Valium?!) – actually a comprehensive and largely accurate account. It even mentions ESET's research, though if you blink while you read through you'll miss it. ;-) Hat tip to Mikko Hypponen for flagging the article and rather a good photo of Eugene Kaspersky).
  • A video interview with Ralph Langner on the Silver Bullet Podcast:
  • I just spotted an article series based on the paper by Eric Byres, Andrew Ginter and Joel Langill previously flagged here: Stuxnet Report: A System Attack.
  • And I'm talking about Stuxnet and SCADA at Infosecurity Europe on the 19th April. Suitably breathless summary here.

 Added to the Stuxnet resources (3) page at /2011/01/23/stuxnet-information-and-resources-3/, of course.

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