Fake AV support scams

I've been banging on various forums for a while about the misuse of the ESET brand (among others) by fake support centres cold-calling victims and telling them they have "a virus" and charging them hefty fees to fix the "problem."

I first came across the problem in June when a researcher from another security company brought a specific incident to my attention, and I blogged it here. Subsequently, acting on information from my friend Steve Burn, I was able to add a little more information and lots of links here. Steve and I, and my colleagues at ESET UK have been exchanging information. There's an update in my latest article for Security Week.

Meanwhile, the Guardian, whose earlier article was cited in my second blog, has also returned to the theme here and here.

Tip of the hat to Alan Thake input.

ESET Senior Research Fellow

Author David Harley, ESET

  • Kyle Raffield

    Seriously! Many thanks! I continually wanted to write in my site a little something like this. Am i allowed to have part of your blog post for my blog?

    • Randy Abrams

      As long you give credit where it is due, reusing our blogs is fine.

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