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Greetings, friends and fiends. I've been uncharacteristically quiet for the past couple of weeks, due to the AMTSO workshop last week in Santa Clara. There was, as usual, some lively discussion: though no papers were approved at the meeting, some are close enough to finished to be voted on shortly. (See also the AMTSO blog

RSA Highlight: Howard A. Schmidt

While RSA 2010 is in high-gear, I took some time out from meetings, speaking at our booth theater and catching up on threats, to listen to the recently-appointed  Cybersecurity Coordinator (Cyber-Czar) share his views on issues involving cybersecurity as well as his objectives and priorities.  The interview started off with an introduction which revealed a

More statistics on infections

Last year (, we posted statistics collected through our online scanner logs.  Below, you will find updated statistics on the number of infected  hosts, malicious files and malware families found on infected systems. In general, the statistics we are seeing in through our online scanner logs are consistent with our observation from last September.  We

Buzz, Privacy, Google, and You

A couple of weeks ago Google added Buzz to Gmail and in doing so exposed the contacts of many users without their knowledge. This created quite a stir and Google had to make some changes fairly quickly. I am quite interested in the thoughts of people concerning how Google launched Buzz and if it changed