February 2010

Who Is Doing It? Who? Who….?!

Every now and then, when I get a new batch of spam emails (which happens with monotonous regularity), I wonder who is clicking on those links to purchase products when they get spam emails offering great deals. Are there actually that many guys out there with erectile problems? Are there really that many people out

Fake Firefoxfur

There's an interesting post by Lee Graves about fake Firefox updates that actually push adware. It's pretty comprehensive, and lots of other blogs have picked up on it, so I won't rehash the issue here. However, I notice that The Register have credited us with the story (though they may have changed it by the

Does Your Email Account Give Me Access To Your Bank Account?

Wow, I knew it was a problem, but the scope is mind-boggling. At least one of you out there is probably making this mistake. According to the security firm Trusteer, 73% of people use their banks passwords at other sites as well. You can read the article on MSNBC In addition to that statistic, Trusteer

Kaspersky, Virus Total, and Unacceptable Shortcuts

Larry Seltzer posted an interesting item yesterday.  The article on "SW Tests Show Problems With AV Detections " is  based on an "Analyst's Diary" entry called "On the way to better testing." Kaspersky did something rather interesting, though a little suspect. They created 20 perfectly innocent executable files, then created fake detections for ten of them.

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