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Cyber Czar: A Name to Fail By

Most, hopefully all, of you have heard an announcement that President Obama is to name a person to be the “Cyber Czar”. One of the absolute fundamentals of customer service is setting expectations. The title “Cyber Czar” sets unrealistic expectations and no matter how good a job the appointee does, it will not match the

Everybody loves Facebook

Facebook has been around for years and it has constantly been gaining in popularity.  Part of the reason for this social network site’s success is that it represents a gold mine of information for employers, marketers, journalists, and, of course, cyber criminals.  There are plenty of examples of phishing attacks and other scams on this

Xbox: Integrating Social Networks

Just a few short days ago I read the announcement that Microsoft announced a new relationship with the social networking services Twitter and Facebook. The relationship was created to enable users of Xbox Live to access their profiles and post photos to their Facebook accounts and allow Twitter users to post and read messages –