Archives - May 2008

The Race to Zero

The Race to Zero contest is being held during Defcon 16 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, 8-10 August 2008. The event involves contestants being given a sample set of viruses and malcode to modify and upload through the contest portal. The portal passes the modified samples through a number of antivirus engines and

Recreational Virus Writing

Greetings, my loyal readers. How are you both? Have you noticed that I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet for the past month or two? A combination of sheer overwork (are you listening, boss?), a much needed holiday, and some fairly serious surgery, has prevented me from sharing my prejudices with you. And look at all the things that have

Malware Affiliation Programs

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, it is not news to you that malware authors are moving away from a quest for fame toward profit driven operations. Malware authors and controllers are moving to a free market organization where each group has a very precise area of expertise and “outsource” other tasks