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CanSecWest 2008

CanSecWest is already over!  This year’s conference was great.  There has been a good mix of talks touching various security related topics including hardware, software and humans. Tom Liston and Sherri Davidoff presented on memory forensics.  They demonstrated that inspecting the RAM of a computer after its reboot can yield a gold mine of information

Macs & Malware

These are interesting times for Mac users.And I’m not just referring to Apple’s remorseless expansion into gadgets and gizmos, or even the very occasional Proof of Concept malware intended to prove that OS X is exploitable, but to the fact that the security industry, the media and the bandits are all paying the platform much

Snopes hoax revisited.

I’ve already posted something about this chainletter, but figured it was worth expanding on which parts of it are useful and which aren’t. A friend who is a computer expert received the following directly from a system administrator for a corporate system. This kind of opening is characteristic of many hoaxes and urban legends (we

Nuwar Back to Electronic Cards

Another week, another scheme from the Nuwar gang.  We started receiving reports early this morning that new variants of Nuwar are being advertised through spam.  Some of the e-mail subjects include “Please open your ecard.” and “This ecard is hillarious!”.  The e-mail contains, as usual, a very simple text and a link to a host

Look Mom, I am on TV

Last Friday, a television report was aired on Canadian television, produced in collaboration with ESET.  The topic of the report was, of course, computer security and, specifically, zombie networks (botnets).  To show the viewers the dangers of poor security practice, we plugged a computer without security patches on the Internet and waited to see how

Snopes hoax

I don’t, in general, have much time for virus writers: not, at any rate, the guys who can’t keep their creations to themselves, and don’t care if they cause damage. They’re not all like that, of course: I’ve talked to virus writers who seem nice enough guys, and even to some who are almost as