Archives - June 2007

Open‑Item Attack Gadgets!

In December 2006 Walmart sold an open-item Zune with porn on it. The porn was almost certainly from the previous owner. Walmart then resold the item without checking it. Upon realizing their error, Walmart went with the surefire “let’s blame Microsoft for our mistake” defense. In reading Tyler Reguly’s blog over at, I came

MPack, the great hype generator

There has been a lot of hype around MPack. As a result consumers are asking anti-virus vendors if they detect it. For the average consumer detecting MPack is of no value. MPack was reportedly found on over 10,000 web servers, however not a single visitor to those sites was infected with MPack. MPack is only

Complaint from the Better Business Bureau

Over the weekend, one of ESET’s executives had an interesting surprise in their mailbox: A complaint from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). ESET is a BBB member, so we periodically receive e-mail from them. In this case, though, the email was not a newsletter or membership renewal notification. The e-mail stated that a consumer had

Sometimes Justice Prevails

Back in February I blogged about the Julie Amero trial. On June 6th her defense team’s motion for a new trial was granted by the judge in the case. This means that the conviction has been set aside (overturned) and it is up to the state to try the case again or dismiss charges. The