Archives - March 2007

VD (Vulnerability Disease)

Microsoft Security Advisory (935423) – Vulnerability in Windows Animated Cursor Handling This is a very serious vulnerability that is almost certainly to be exploited on a wide scale basis. If the vulnerability were limited to animated cursors alone it would not be as serious, but there are reports of jpg files, which are very commonly

AskESET, have you heard of this virus?

I received the following on from James G. I have been hit by the following virus: (not on this PC) vxaudio.exe Have you ever heard of this? Hi James, I am not familiar with a virus named vxauio.exe, but that looks a whole lot like a file name. File names are almost never reliable

Identity Theft and Security

A friend was recently the unfortunate victim of credit card theft. I haven’t yet found a fortunate victim, but ultimately there is bound to be a criminal stupid enough to deposit money into a stolen account J In today’s online world, unless you can determine how the credit card theft occurred you really must assume

Good Directions? Priceless!

Fatigues – $28 Army boots -$129 GPS – $249 Good directions? Priceless It seems the Swiss accidentally invaded Liechtenstein ( Now this is funny first and foremost because nobody got hurt. There were lots of other reasons it was funny too. For example, a neutral nation invading an unarmed nation is a rather comedic situation.