Archives - January 2007

So You Have An Undetected Virus?

From time to time all anti-virus companies run into the situation where a user tells them that their product is not detecting some virus. Typically the user also wants to know why it isn’t detected when another product catches it. These inquiries rarely provide enough information to result in a meaningful answer. There can be

I See Antivirus Software in the Vista

OK, let’s all let out a big whoop and holler. Vista is launched and that means no more Vista Launch hype! On the downside there will now be all kinds of Vista IS launched hype. I was just reading some this morning. A competitor of Microsoft’s (and ours) was quoted as saying that in their

Storm Worm

OK, actually it is not a worm (always) and only the press calls it Storm Worm. Everyone else calls it by one of several other names. ESET calls it “Win32/Fuclip.A Trojan”, “Win32/Fuclip.D Trojan”, “Win32/Nuwar.S worm” or some times “Win32/Nuwar.T worm”. Symantec calls it “Trojan.Peacomm”. McAfee calls it “Downloader-BAI.gen Trojan”. Confusing? Well, it isn’t actually just