Archives - October 2006

Spycar: What Can It Tell You?

A while back I had a chat with Ed Skoudis, who with Tom Liston created Spycar. The log of the chat is available here. In this conversation Ed agreed that Spycar is not a comprehensive test for anti-spyware products, and that it was not designed to be such a test. Randy says: OK, so to

A busy night at the Stration

The Win32/Stration family of worms has kept ESET’s analysts busy over the last few days; but last night, with close to 50 variants being released in one go, they were able to go home and get some sleep.   Why?   Well, last night they created a ThreatSense Heuristic Update which allowed them to catch

The Hamburglar Meets the iPod

The Hamburglar,, was the crook in some old McDonald’s commercials. It appears that Hamburglar has returned to steal information from McDonald’s customers. Don’t worry, you would have to be one of 10,000 winners (in Japan) to get this special treatment, the rest of us losers keep our passwords. McDonald’s unfortunately put their trust in