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Is 3‑February‑2006 going to be DDAY?

Perhaps calling it DDAY is a little over hyped. Mind you, nothing like the hype associated with people who call the worm du jour “Kama Sutra”, which of course is a book that shows a number of different positions to do what some members of the media have done to the name of Win32/VB.NEI! Anti-virus

The Great Anti‑Virus Conspiracy

Working in the anti-virus industry requires a good stock of tin foil hats to hand out to some strange conspiracy theorists. The fact is that the anti-virus industry didn’t name a worm “Kama Sutra”, the media did. The AV industry didn’t name the worm “Blackworm”, that was a group (TISF BlackWorm task force) from a

$20 US worth of anti‑spyware for free!!!

That’s right, 5 simple steps worth a combined total of $20 USD! There’s a reason why legitimate companies like ESET are members of the Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC) and other companies are not. It has to do with quality and integrity. This is not to say that companies who are not member lack those attributes, but