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Yes, I’ve used that pun before, but I can’t resist using it again now that I’m back from the EICAR conference. I actually got back a couple of days ago, but I was sidetracked by some urgent administrivia and dental treatment. I’m having bacon and eggs for breakfast, my first pet’s name was Stuart Little

Mac Musings

I haven’t commented on the recent flurry of interest in the Mac botnet issue, having already mentioned it a few weeks ago here. It’s not as though anyone has shown much interest in the technical aspects, such as the interesting use of the Authorization Services APIs to trick the victim into authorizing installation. Just one of

New Papers

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet the past few days. That’s because I really needed to do catch up with other things. Sad though I am to have missed the opportunity to jeer at Mikeyy the Worm and his new employer (though I may come back to them shortly, just

Continúa la Gira Antivirus en cuatro ciudades de Argentina

Desde el próximo Lunes 20 de abril, estaremos en una semana intensa recorriendo cuatro ciudades argentinas, dando continuidad a nuestra Gira Antivirus 2009. Los Seminarios de Seguridad Antimalware incluirán un recorrido por los tópicos más importantes en lo que refiere al malware, sus características y los métodos de protección. Como siempre, estaremos tratando las últimas

Twit of the Year?

I’m guessing that you’ve probably heard about the worm attacks on Twitter over the Easter weekend. Even I did, and I was doing my best to take some time out from work, with rather more success than usual. According to one Michael – sorry, Mikeyy – Mooney, a bored 17-year-old, he was responsible for the

Win32/Conficker.AQ: What’s in a Name?

Larry Seltzer, one of the better commentators on malware issues, has picked up on the disparity between ESET’s naming of the latest variant and Symantec’s – they call it W32.Downadup.E. Richard Adhikari (who also seems to pretty clueful) also picked up on the naming issue when we exchanged emails a few days ago. This issue

Mad Macs – the iBot

When I write about Mac issues, I usually find myself abused by individuals convinced that there are no Mac viruses, never were any Mac viruses, and never could be any Mac viruses. Less advanced cases sometimes admit that there is Mac malware (and malware that isn’t Mac-specific, but can affect Mac users), but buy into

Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Tests

Virus Bulletin have announced the results of a trial run of its new anti-spam product testing, where one product scored platinum, two scored gold, and two scored silver, based on their average scores in the test. However, you won’t actually get to know which products they were on this occasion: quite rightly, VB has anonymised the results

Is it Safe? – Book Review

Still trying to catch up with blogs previously promised. I did say that I might review Michael Miller’s book "Is it safe? Protecting your computer, your business, and yourself online", and indeed I did. However, the review was published in this month’s Virus Bulletin (March 2009), so I can’t use it here. Here’s a somewhat

Cierre de Virus Bulletin 2008, nos vamos de Ottawa

Ya a punto de partir de vuelta hacia el sur del continente dejo un pequeño resúmen de la última jornada de Virus Bulletin 2008 en Ottawa. Se hizo un repaso de los malware actuales incluyendo al peligroso Mebroot o Sinowal (del que ESET ha desarrollado una herramienta para eliminarlo), de Nuwar o Storm, se hizo

Novedades de Virus Bulletin 2008

Como mencioné ayer, me encuentro en Virus Bulletin 2008 en Ottawa. Aquí dejo una foto del acto de inauguración: Ayer, las conferencias de gestión y técnicas hicieron referencia al negocio del malware y las metodologías a seguir para evitarlo y detenerlo. Se hace evidente que los organismos públicos y las empresas privadas deben trabajar en

Usted está aquí: Virus Bulletin 2008 – Ottawa

Una vez más nos encontramos de viaje pero esta vez nos corresponde ser asistentes a uno de los principales eventos internacionales anti-malware: Virus Bulletin 2008. Luego de un periplo indescriptible, me encuentro en la ciudad de Ottawa en Canadá y en esta oportunidad me acompaña la ganadora del Concurso ESET-UTN de este año, una alumna

Felicitaciones ESET Latinoamérica

Desde la distancia, felicito a todos mis compañeros de trabajo: Por la mudanza a nuestra flamante nueva oficina, más grande, mas espaciosa, más comoda y, sobre todo, con más lugar para seguir creciendo Por ingresar nuevamentea la lista Inc. 500 de las corporaciones privadas de mayor crecimiento Por lograr el premio Frost & Sullivan 2008

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