World Cup Phishing Scam hits FIFA 14 players through Instagram, Twitter

As the World Cup heads into its third week, there’s a new phishing scam to be aware of. EA Games’ FIFA 14 Ultimate Team has been targeted – not for the first time – by scammers offering new downloadable players.

TweetDeck flaw uncovered “by accident”

A vulnerability in the official Twitter client Tweetdeck left users vulnerable to attack, forcing thousands of users to retweet cryptic lines of code to other users. Twitter repeatedly shut down the service, despite assurances the flaw had been ‘fixed’.

Vulnerabilidad en TweetDeck para Chrome permite ejecución de código remoto

Una nueva vulnerabilidad XSS en TweetDeck para Google Chrome permite la ejecución de código en forma remota simplemente escribiéndolo en un tweet.

England footballers have their passport details leaked on Twitter

In an embarrassing breach of security, the passport numbers of members of the England Football squad have been accidentally tweeted out by the team’s official sponsor.

Bitly implementará doble autenticación tras la brecha que comprometió credenciales

Bitly, el popular servicio utilizado para acortar enlaces, ha ampliado la información en relación a la brecha de seguridad reportada la semana pasada, a partir de la cual recomendó a los usuarios cambiar sus claves y reiniciar las conexiones con redes sociales. En un nuevo comunicado titulado “Más detalles”, Bitly dice que cree que los

Mystery surrounds Bitly’s urgent security warning following security breach

If you have an account on link-shortening service Bitly, you should take steps now to protect your account.

Credenciales de Bitly comprometidas: cambia tu clave y reinicia la conexión con redes sociales

Actualización 09/05/14, 17:30 hs.: Bitly ha actualizado el comunicado indicando qué credenciales habían sido comprometidas: direcciones de mail de los usuarios, contraseñas cifradas, API keys y credenciales de OAuth. Además, recomendó a los usuarios de la app de Bitly en iPhone que actualicen a la última versión. Bitly, el servicio utilizado para acortar enlaces, publicó

Twitter bot or real, live person? Site picks out fakes instantly

‘Spambots’ are a fact of life on Twitter – fake accounts built to spread everything from infected links to misinformation. Until now, users have had to rely on their instincts, but a tool – “Bot or Not” – helps to uncover fake accounts instantly.

Twitter awash in miracle diet pills spam onslaught

Twitter was flooded by an avalanche of spam from compromised accounts, leading to shortened links and pages promising miracle weight loss, diet pills, and products which would “change lives”. The attack appeared to have come via a third-party service connected to Twitter.

Twitter kills off ‘stalker’ bug that let users spy on protected Tweets

Twitter has removed a bug that allowed site users to spy on protected accounts, reading supposedly protected Tweets via SMS or push notifications, regardless of whether users had approved them as followers.

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to have his Twitter account hacked

Maybe it’s time to think twice before rushing to click on a link, next time your favourite celebrity says something bizarre on Twitter.

Twitter ramps up security for users – says its approach should be “the new normal”

Twitter has unveiled a serious security upgrade to protect its users’ data from cyber-snooping – and has said that this approach should be “the new normal for web service owners.”

Do consumers pass the buck on online safety? New survey reveals mixed messages

Who is responsible for privacy and online safety on social networks? ESET asked Harris Interactive to poll American adults and found some interesting responses, positive advances in cyber-citizenship, but also some apparent disconnects.

Comprometen comunicaciones en Facebook y Twitter de Obama: ¿qué podemos aprender?

Durante el día de ayer se dio a conocer la noticia de que por un corto período de tiempo la información de las cuentas de Twitter y Facebook del presidente Obama se comprometieron, modificando dos tweets y un post para enviar enlaces a vídeos sobre la situación siria. Sin lugar a dudas hablar del presidente

Sobre el New York Times y la respuesta a incidentes

El día de ayer el diario The New York Times experimentó un problema de disponibilidad de su sitio web, en horas de la tarde. El incidente no fue nada fuera de lo común, un sitio web que deja de funcionar por unas horas. Sin embargo, me pareció por demás eficiente la forma en que el

Twitter beefs up security after wave of attacks on media sites

Twitter has introduced a new two-factor security system – an optional “extra layer” of security which should help to prevent unauthorised access to accounts.

Financial Times becomes latest victim of Syrian Twitter hackers

The Financial Times has become the latest victim of Twitter hackers, after activists hacked accounts belonging to the newspaper, and also defaced areas of the FT site.

Fake Justin Bieber “I’m gay” Tweet marks latest attack on media Twitter accounts

Celebrity news service E! Online became the latest high-profile media Twitter account to fall victim to hackers, with a series of false Tweets that began with a claim that Justin Bieber was gay.

Twitter blames spear-phishing for recent hacks – and warns news companies to expect more

Twitter has warned media companies that attacks on their official Twitter accounts are liable to continue, after Britain’s Guardian newspaper became the latest high-profile news site to fall victim.

Twitter security under spotlight after phishing blamed for disastrous AP Tweet

Twitter is said to be testing new security systems in the wake of a false Tweet from an official Associated Press account which sent stock markets tumbling in America.

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