Phishing de Gran Hermano 2012 bajo la lupa

Tal cual comentamos en el post titulado Inscripción a Gran Hermano 2012 un tanto peligrosa, utilizando ingeniería social los creadores de malware aprovecharon el interés de las personas que quieren participar en el reality show Gran Hermano para propagar malware. En esta oportunidad analizaremos mas en profundidad el archivo ejecutable que es utilizado para realizar

5 buenas prácticas para los correos electrónicos

Al entrar a sus correos electrónicos los usuarios suelen encontrarse con mensajes provenientes de sus contactos, de su  trabajo, incluso de remitentes desconocidos sin siquiera saber cómo obtuvieron su dirección de correo. Al utilizar las cuentas de correo los usuarios dejan de lado la seguridad, simplemente por desconocimiento o por pensar que esa información no

Yesterday’s Virus Hoax is Today’s Fake Utility

One of the (few) blessings of having been so long in this industry is that I remember a time when most malware was viral and Trojans were rare: so rare, in fact, that there was at one time a notorious "dirty dozen" set of Trojans.  At around the same time, there were innumerable hoaxes describing malware with

Is your ‘stalker ex’ still creeping your Facebook page?

Another day, another Facejack attack. We see a lot of these sorts of scams, alluringly titled posts – typically with a promise to show you who has been visiting your profile (or infamously, video of Osama Bin Laden's death) – that try to get you to click to see some special content. The latest one

More Spam for Tripadvisor.com users

It is unfortunate, but a fact that many organizations are going to suffer hacks. The internet was designed to be a cybercriminal’s dream. That was not the intent of the internet, but the design certainly is such that it serves the purpose well. Fortunately it also serves many great purposes quite well too. News came

Nueva amenaza en Twitter

Nuevamente encontramos que en distintos medios de prensa, se hizo eco sobre una nueva amenaza que se estaba propagando por la red,  en este caso la afectada fue la red social de Twitter. Dicha amenaza, la cual utilizaba una de las diversas técnicas de Ingeniería Social, empleaba el llamativo mensaje indicando saber quién visito nuestro

Facebook Spam: the Fifth Wave

My colleague from ESET Ireland, Urban Schrott, reports that the company has seen a megawave of Facebook spams:  five separate spams in 24 hours. I've no idea of the numbers involved, but Urban's "think before you click" message is well worth repeating. The post is to ESET Ireland's CyberThreats Daily blog post: the company also

February ThreatSense Report

The February ThreatSense Report is now available…

From Russia with Spam

…Ontinet has been noticing lots of emails with links to forums. Following the links leads to a forum full of spam products, from replica watches to viagra…

Facebook and 419s

…I know that Facebook has various countermeasures for dealing with the even more various types of fraud that Facebook users are subjected to. Does it really believe that those measures are so effective, no fraudulent message can ever get through?

¡Waledac is alive!: parte II

La semana pasada les contábamos sobre el retorno de la botnet Waledac, donde destacábamos el envío masivo de spam que este realizaba una vez infectado el equipo. El día de hoy les traemos un análisis estadístico del caudal de spam enviado por un cliente afectado con el nuevo troyano de dicha botnet. El calculo en

New Botnet: Storm Signal?

Pierre-Marc tells me that he has received two malware samples that grabbed his attention due to their resemblance to Storm/Waledac.

Vogon spam is even worse than the poetry

If you read my previous blogs about P2P/inbox-mediaone/traclickmedia spam offering the currently-defunct Limewire (though some sort of replacement has been promised), you'll be glad to know that not only have they caught up with the latest news, but are now offering an alternative that is cleaner, faster, friendlier and safer. Yeah, right… In fact, looking

Bredolab no se rinde y sigue dando pelea

El 25 de octubre fue comentada alrededor del mundo la noticia acerca del desarme de Bredolab, la tercer red de botnets importante que es controlada en lo que va del año. En ese hecho puntual quién intervino fue el gobierno holandés para dar de baja la botnet. Esta importante red, conocida como Bredolab, contaba con

Limewire Livewire

Clearly, the news about the demise of the Limewire service hasn’t reached P2P Technologies yet, or, more likely, they’re hoping it hasn’t reached you…

IEEE eCrime Researchers Summit 2010 Call for Papers

The fifth IEEE eCrime Researchers Summit 2010 once again will be held in conjunction with the 2010 APWG General Meeting between October 18-20, 2010 at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. See http://ecrimeresearch.org.

Carr’s Four Cyber Trends That Must Be Reversed Now

I’m not always in alignment with Jeffrey Carr’s point of view but in this he is spot on. Succinct and to the point, Jeffrey Carr addresses cybercrime, cyberwarfare rules of engagement and forecasts the United States’ rapid decline: Should these trends continue unabated, we will have no one to blame but ourselves as the economical

GoGo Gone

So, this is the first blog entry I have ever written and posted from an airplane. Until the end of July, Alaska airlines has free wi-fi on some of their flights. Not all of the planes are wi-fi enabled. The provider is called GoGo. One of the first things I noticed is that even though

Gmail spam: an inside job?

Aleksandr Matrosov, Senior Virus Researcher at ESET Russia, has brought to our attention an avalanche of reports of hacked Gmail accounts. While the exact nature of the hack isn't confirmed, it appears that spammers were able to access the victim's address books in order to send junk mail from the compromised accounts to their owner's

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