Gartner indicates shift to mobile computing happening faster than expected

According to a survey by technology industry analysts Gartner, the adoption of mobile devices is happening even faster than expected.

Tendencias 2013: vertiginoso crecimiento de malware para móviles (parte I)

Cada fin de año, el equipo del Laboratorio de ESET Latinoamérica redacta un informe sobre las próximas tendencias en códigos maliciosos y ataques informáticos que podrán observarse el año entrante. En esta ocasión queremos anunciarles que ya se encuentra disponible la edición más reciente de este documento titulado “Tendencias 2013: vertiginoso crecimiento de malware para

BYOD Infographic: For security it's not a pretty picture

The phenomenon of organizations allowing or encouraging their employees to use their own computing devices for work–known as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD–is now widespread in many countries, bringing with it some serious risks to company networks and data. As we first reported here on the blog a few weeks ago, ESET commissioned a

The BYOD security challenge: How scary is the iPad, tablet, smartphone surge?

Employee use of personally-owned computing devices for work-related purposes–known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD–is not a new trend and security professionals have been concerned about it for some time, but there is a widely held view that the trend has been transformed of late. Why? Waves of mobile digital devices flooding into the

Resumen de amenazas de noviembre

Una vez más, como todos los meses, compartimos con ustedes el reporte mensual de amenazas, esta vez el correspondiente a  noviembre. Este mes se caracterizó por el descubrimiento de un bootkit para Windows 8: Stoned Lite es el nombre del exploit, creado por el ingeniero en software Peter Kleissner para saltar las políticas de seguridad

Android’s Anomaly?

There are reports coming out today about Google Android and how approximately 99.7% of its users are potentially open to compromise.  This news cycle started by the Ulm University publishing some information on the 13th of May showing some results.  I'm sure this story will develop and CTAC may follow-up to my blog with more details;

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