Vulnerabilidades en el plugin All in One SEO Pack de WordPress

Una nueva versión del plugin All in One SEO Pack, utilizado por millones de personas para mejorar la visibilidad online de los blogs, parchea dos fallas.

Beware of SOPA Scams

Tomorrow, on January 18, 2012, dozens of popular websites covering a diverse range of subjects will be blacking out their home pages in protest of the U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Some of these websites are well-known, such as the English language web site for the encyclopedic Wikipedia and quirky news site Boing Boing,

Gaddafi and Search Poisoning: Think before clicking on search results

Scam artists and cyber-criminals welcomed today's news of the demise of Libyan leader Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (often referred to as simply Gaddafi or Gadhafi). Why? Because few events fuel Internet search activity as much as the death of a famous–or infamous–person, although celebrity weddings and divorces are also a big search driver. It's a

Windows XP Recovery rogue

Los creadores de malware constantemente se encuentran trabajando en propagar sus amenazas para obtener grandes cantidades de victimas y así obtener mayores beneficios. Una de las técnicas muy utilizada para la propagación de malware es  la utilización de BlackHat SEO. Esta técnica, se basa en obtener de forma ilegítima un mejor posicionamiento en los resultados

Video: Osama Bin Laden y BlackHat SEO

Desde el día domingo, cuando el presidente de Estados Unidos anunció la muerte del líder terrorista Osama Bin Laden, los creadores de malware han estado trabajando para propagar sus amenazas, usando la noticia como engaño para atraer a los usuarios. En primer lugar, reportamos correos electrónicos de Brasil propagando un troyano bancario, y posteriormente mostramos

Facebook Losing More Than Face

Despite all those people who honoured May 31st 2010 as Quit Facebook Day – well, 31,000 people, maybe not an enormous dent in the 500 million users Facebook recently claimed – Facebook marches on. Clearly they're doing something right. But what? It's probably not the personal charm of founder Mark Zuckerberg, who when he's not

SEO poisoning, Londoning and Icelanding

I was asked whether I'd seen SEO (Search Engine Optimization) poisoning relating to the Icelandic eruption and the very widespread grounding of aircraft in Europe. Well, there were certainly attempts in March to exploit the earlier Eyjafjallajokull eruption in order to drive googlers interested in finding out more towards malicious web sites. So it would be naive

Unnamed App Facebook Scam

[Update: There's been quite a lot of discussion and extra information coming in on this. It seems to me that there is at least one unnamed app around as well as the Boxes issue, and while I've no reason to assume that it's malicious, I'd hardly advise that you rush into installing an application when

Halloween: There’s Something Scary In Your Search Engine

We told you to watch out, didn't we? (see Randy's blog at http://www.eset.com/threat-center/blog/2009/10/23/this-is-the-funniest-video-ever). But it's not just Michael Myers, zombies and vampires you need to watch out for. It's also Funny Halloween Costumes, Harvey Milk, Pumpkin Carving Stencils, candy, Pokemon, and McDonalds Monopoly online. Yes, the fake/rogue AV gang have started on their Halloween special,

Web Searches and Dangerous Ladies

I feel like the learned judge in the ’60s who asked, in the course of a trial, "What is a Beatle?" since until recently I couldn’t have given you an accurate answer to the question "What is a Jessica Biel?" In fact, I’d probably have said something like ""Wasn’t she in Flashdance?" (The answer is

Orbasoft Comment Spam Revisited

Many thanks to Jens in Denmark, who commented on my previous blog about Orbasoft comment spam. Jens says: “Orbasoft is a real company, situated in Denmark. But they hired an Indian company to spam blogs with comments on their products (“search engine optimization”)…[they] wrote 300 positive comments – for the price of $900. ” Well,

Sitios con la "cura para la gripe porcina"

En estos días en donde la Influenza humana, también conocida como gripe porcina o con el nombre del virus A(H1N1), es la noticia más destacada del mundo y los creadores de malware no se quedan atrás. Desde hace unos días comenzaron el envío de de spam sobre la gripe porcina y, en estos momentos, han

Navegar desde Google puede resultar… amargo

En estos días, y luego de las campañas de SEO llevadas adelante por los atacantes, hemos estado observando algunos casos de páginas web que se comportan distinto dependiendo del sitio que los referencie. Este es el caso de algunas páginas que son visualizadas correctamente si se tipea la URL en el navegador pero, si se

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