Phishing a prueba de ortografía

A lo largo de las publicaciones que realizamos mensualmente sobre campañas de propagación de phishing, es constante encontrarnos con descuidos o cosas que pasan por alto los cibercriminales. En esta nueva ocasión, varios usuarios, a través de distintos medios, nos reportaron el siguiente caso de phishing, en donde nuevamente se pone en evidencia un total

Campaña de phishing a entidades bancarias

Mensualmente reportamos casos de phishing, los cuales confirman el éxito que siguen teniendo estos tipos de ataques. Este negocio, que resulta ser muy rentable para los criminales informáticos, tiene como uno de sus objetivo robar credenciales bancarias a los usuarios más desprevenidos. Nuevamente vamos a compartir con ustedes un nuevo caso de phishing a una

Más y más phishing brasileño

A pesar de ser un tema muy reiterado, los famosos ataques de phishing continúan siendo muy efectivos a la hora de obtener información de los usuarios descuidados. Estas técnicas de ataque, consisten en duplicar el sitio web original de la entidad bancaria donde acceden las victimas, creyendo que ingresan al sitio real y sin darse

Philosophical Phish

…this is a phish mailed out indiscriminately in the hope of catching a Xoom customer…

Phisher olvida datos en servidor vulnerable

Los delincuentes informáticos constantemente buscan nuevos objetivos vulnerables para montar sus engaños. Sin embargo, muchas veces esta actividad lleva a cometer errores los cuales pueden poner en evidencia algún dato del delincuente. A lo largo del tiempo, los ataques de phishing han demostrado que sigue siendo un negocio muy rentable para los criminales. El único

Anti-Phishing Day

Too bad it doesn’t exist. I mean really exist. Here is how an anti-phishing day that is designed to be a highly effective educational deterrent to phishing would work. Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Myspace, Banks, Online Gaming sites, such as World of WarCraft, and others would all send phishing emails to their users. Yes,

Boys will be boys…

…whatever the hacker community’s personal taste is in games and consoles, gamers are a tempting target…

LinkedIn Phish – So Easy to Avoid

Security vendor Trusteer blogged about a wave of fake LinkedIn emails that download malware on to your computer. The images Trusteer shows of the phish demonstrate how tricky the criminals are and how authentic the message looks, yet just yesterday I shared with you a foolproof method to prevent yourself from falling victim to such

Gmail Accounts Under Attack

Google posted information today about an attack against some Gmail account holders. In this case the attack appeared to be directed at government officials in the US and Korea, as well as Chinese political activists, journalists and military personnel. If you don’t fit in these categories it doesn’t mean you are not at risk, it

Mobile Devices Favor Malware and Phishing

A while back a malicious program called DroidDream was found on the Google Marketplace. The thing about DroidDream is that it exploited a vulnerability that gave it root access. Now contrast how Google treats security software. Security applications are not allowed to have root access. The truth is that the most popular mobile platforms (and

Osama bin Laden is alive and well… on Facebook

The death of Osama bin Laden has gone viral, with blogs, social media and search engines pumping terabytes of rumor, innuendo and conspiracy theories at the speed of light, along with the occasional kilobyte of truth.  As the number of people searching for pictures and videos of bin Laden’s execution has skyrocketed, the criminal syndicates

How to Avoid a Phishing Attack

With the breach of Epsilon, we are going to see a huge influx of phishing attacks before it settles back down to the normal level of tons of phishing attacks. So you aren’t a computer expert, how do you protect yourself? Don't worry about spotting the phish, it is more important that you do not

Information Wants to be Free – So Epsilon Thinks

Information Wants to be Free If you are a member of the technology advocate crowd that uses this slogan for a mantra, you are going to love the Epsilon Company. Reports starting coming out on April 2nd that the mega email marketing giant, Epsilon was breached and millions of names and email addresses of customers

Pequeña guia sobre phishing

Hace algunos días nos enteramos por varios medios de prensa sobre el robo a un empresario al cual le saquearon la cuenta bancaria a través de un ataque de phishing. Dicha noticia causo un gran impacto ya que la transferencia sustraída ascendió a 700 mil pesos, los cuales fueron distribuidos a otras cuentas de los

When Technology Fails: Mobile Death Trap

People place way too much trust in technology. We see that time and time again as phishing attacks and rogue security programs  proliferate. Identity theft can be one of the more extreme results of believing a computer that told you the email came from a friend, but another technology can cause death if you trust

Inside a phishing attack: 35 credit cards in 5 hours

Phishing attacks have grown steadily in recent years, becoming a highly profitable attack for cyber criminals. In ESET Latin America’s Laboratory, we are used to finding and informing about phishing attack outbreaks in our region. A few days ago, we found a new case of phishing, for which we investigated the effectiveness of the attack.

Crónica de un phishing bancario: 35 tarjetas en 5 horas

Desde el Laboratorio de ESET Latinoamérica nos encontramos una vez más con otro caso de phishing, en donde nuevamente podemos confirmar el éxito que siguen teniendo estos ataques a los usuarios más desprevenidos. En esta ocasión, un usuario reportó el caso al Laboratorio, y nos informó de esta estafa que se estaba llevando a cabo.

Why do phishing attacks work better on mobile phones?

During my regular reading on the main feeds on information security this week, I found a small and particular news that, I consider, invites us to think about it. It turns out that according to a post by Mickey Boodaei, CEO of Trusteer, mobile phones users are three times more likely to become victims of

Is it the iPhone or the User?

The folks at Trusteer got their hands on the logs from some phishing sites and found that people using iPhones are more likely to fall for phishing attacks than users of other devices, including PCs. Some of the findings included: Mobile users get to the phishing site sooner than PC users. Mobile users are 3

Holiday eSafety Tips

Another year is almost gone and it seems that time is accelerated when December begins. Before you know it you’ll be out of time for shopping in time to get gifts delivered for winter holidays. Even though you may feel rushed, it is important to stay attentive when you are online. I expect that there

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