Government regulation poses challenges for bank security, says Australian banker

Government regulation of IT security poses challenges for bank security teams, a leading Australian bank IT security expert has claimed.

Preventable errors are behind most security breaches, says Verizon report

Most cyber attacks are simple and predictable, relying on basic tactics and preventable employee errors, according to Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report. The problem is made worse by the fact that companies often take months or even years to detect such breaches.

Oregon farm company sues its bank over $223,500 cyber-heist

An Oregon farm products company is suing its own bank to recover losses after a phishing attack saw $223,500 transferred to accounts in the Ukraine over a period of three days in 2010.

Warning over “too much information” after power company targeted with spear-phishing campaign

Utility companies have been warned not to share information such as email addresses on company websites, after a spear-phishing attack on an American electricity company.

Tax-related scams plague IRS and taxpayers

Answers to common questions about tax season scams in America and advice about fending off the malicious activity that seeks to exploit tax matters.

ESET mobile solution now available for Android

ESET has announced Endpoint Security for Android, which it says is specifically designed for the contemporary business environment and adds another layer of protection to the family of ESET Endpoint Solutions and features all the benefits made popular by the previous version of ESET Mobile Security Business Edition. The new Android solution also includes Anti-Theft,

Five tips to stay safer using Wi-Fi in public places

Want to be safer online using your laptop or tablet when using public Wi-Fi? You can. Here are our five essential tips. 1 First, if you are not going to use the Internet it’s a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi connectivity completely on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You are then guaranteed that your

How’s your cyber security awareness? Or, do we really need security training?

As you may know, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in America, which is a good time to ask yourself how aware you are when it comes to threats to your digital devices and personal information.

Mac OSX/iOS hacks at Blackhat – are scammers setting their sights?

For years scammers and hackers  focused largely on Windows x86-based platforms, in many ways because that’s where the bulk of the users were. But times change, and new targets emerge. At Blackhat and Defcon last week we saw a flurry of talks on Mac OSX/iOS security,  trying to illuminate possible chinks in the armor. From

.ASIA domain name scams still going strong

Today I received the following message in my inbox, claiming to be from the Asian Domain Registration Service and warning me that the eset brand was in danger of being registered by a third-party.   Here is the message I received, which I’ve included in its entirety, except for a few bits: Received: from mail.umail168.cn4e.com

SMSmishing Unabated: Best Buy targeted by fake gift card campaign

News of SMS (text) phishing scams are nothing new to readers of this blog.  ESET researcher Cameron Camp recently wrote an article explaining how they work and how to avoid them here on ESET’s Threat Blog: SMSmishing (SMS Text Phishing) – how to spot and avoid scams, And just before Valentine’s Day, my colleague Stephen

LinkedIn security woes – and what to do about it

This morning when I logged into LinkedIn I was greeted with several front page references to the reported hacking of the site, and instructions for changing my password, which I did immediately. This is a good time to change all of your social media passwords, making sure you create a fresh password that is hard

Phishing Using HTML and Intranet Security Settings

Phishers always try to find new ways to bypass security features and trick ‘educated’ users. Over the years we have seen simplistic phishing attempts where the required information had to be typed into the e-mail body. This worked at that time because phishing was new and hardly anyone had a notion of the implications. Later,

Windows Phone 8: Security Heaven or Hell?

Introduction Mobile World Congress 2012 is almost upon us, and one of the most hotly-anticipated topics is the next generation of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8, which has been kept under wraps far more tightly than its PC counterpart, Windows 8. While Microsoft was an early adopter in the creation of smartphones with

Scam tipo You Tube

Los ataques de scam, así como los de phishing, utilizan la ingeniería social para engañar a la víctima, y lograr así que esta descargue una aplicación maliciosa, brinde sus credenciales de su cuenta bancaria o lo que el atacante desee. Debido a esto, los ataques que utilizan Ingeniería Social son muy peligros debido a que

Resumen de amenazas de diciembre

Una vez más, como todos los meses, compartimos con ustedes el reporte mensual de amenazas, esta vez el correspondiente a  Diciembre. Este mes se caracterizó por el descubrimiento de un ataque de phishing para Facebook: Este ataque, basado en Ingeniería Social, explota la curiosidad del usuario presentando un video en el que supuestamente este aparece.

Nuevo phishing en World of Warcraft

Los ataques de malware evolucionan junto con las nuevas tecnologías, como así también deben hacerlo los ataques basados en Ingeniería Social. Esto último muchas veces es debido al conocimiento público de los métodos utilizados o simplemente para generar mayor curiosidad por parte de la víctima. En este caso les traemos una actualización de un ataque

A dozen predictions for 2012

While I share the reluctance of my colleagues to predict the future, I think there are some trends that can be classified as “reasonably likely to occur” in 2012. I make no promises, but here’s what I think we will see, in no particular order of importance or certainty. We will see increased interest in

Seguimiento a un Ataque de Phishing

Los ataques de phishing se caracterizan por la utilización de Ingeniería Social para engañar al usuario y abusarse de su desconocimiento para obtener datos importantes, tales como tarjetas bancarias, o un beneficio económico de manera directa. En este caso analizaremos un ataque de phishing que ofrece un premio de £1.000.000 para seducir a la víctima.

Resumen de amenazas octubre

El siguiente es el resumen mensual de amenazas correspondiente al mes de octubre. Este mes, se caracterizo por el descubrimiento de un nuevo código malicioso por parte del laboratorio de ESET. Este malware se encuentra enfocado para usuarios que utilizan la plataforma Mac OS X: Tsunami es el nombre dado a esta nueva amenaza, la cual

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