Más de 2,6 millones de usuarios en una sola lista de scam

La semana pasada recibimos de nuestro distribuidor StartLabs en Perú una campaña de scam que busca robar las contraseñas de acceso al correo electrónico. A continuación describimos de qué se trata esta campaña y algunas particularidades con respecto a la propagación de este tipo de campañas. Durante esta semana ya publicamos una campaña de phishing

LinkedIn Privacy: An Easy How-to Guide to Protecting Yourself

Introduction LinkedIn is a social network platform whose specialty is connecting professionals together to build relationships and create business opportunity. Recently the company became publicly traded and grabbed the attention of the world as its initial public stock offering more than doubled on the first day. Here we focus tools and options for user privacy

Facebook Privacy: An Easy How-to Guide to Protecting Yourself

Introduction As the sun is setting and I breathe some of the night time air I am inspired to write about Facebook.  Yes, *the* Facebook, the third largest country if it were a physical place with boundaries under a common rule of law and government.  When many people use a service such as this, it

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09 Aug 2013
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