FREAK: Sicherheitslücke gefährdet iOS- und Android-Nutzer

Laut einem Bericht der Washington Post haben Forscher eine Sicherheitslücke namens FREAK entdeckt, die iOS- und Android-Browser betrifft. Die Schwachstelle ermöglicht potenziellen Angreifern, die vermeintlich sichere Verschlüsselung von einigen Webseiten zu knacken und anschließend auf sensible Daten zuzugreifen.

PIN-Ausspähung mit neuer iPhone-Wärmebildkamera

Neue Technologien können uns das Leben erleichtern oder für einen netten Zeitvertreib sorgen. Unerfreulich wird die Sache allerdings, wenn die Entwicklungen für kriminelle Zwecke missbraucht werden können – wie beim neuen FLIR One. Die Wärmebildkamera für iPhone wurde auf der diesjährigen Consumer Electronics Show vorgestellt und ist nun im US-amerikanischen Handel für 350 Dollar erhältlich.

Former Royal reporter: “I hacked Kate Middleton’s phone 155 times”

So-called phone hacking makes the headlines again, as new revelations are made.

Have you properly secured your mobile phone voicemail?

Smartphones pose “biggest cyber risk” to businesses, report warns

The biggest IT security risk to businesses is the use of smartphones in the workplace, a report based on the habits of 5,000 users worldwide has found.

Inyección en Facebook conduce a un malware para móviles

iBanking es una aplicación maliciosa para Android que cuando es instalada en un teléfono móvil es capaz de espiar las comunicaciones desarrolladas en el mismo. Este bot tiene interesantes capacidades específicas a los teléfonos, incluyendo la intercepción de mensajes SMS entrantes y salientes, el redireccionamiento de llamadas e inclusive capturar el el audio del micrófono

Facebook Webinject Leads to iBanking Mobile Bot

iBanking is a malicious Android application that when installed on a mobile phone is able to spy on its user’s communications. This bot has many interesting phone-specific capabilities, including capturing incoming and outgoing SMS messages, redirecting incoming voice calls, and even capturing audio using the device’s microphone.

Gartner indicates shift to mobile computing happening faster than expected

According to a survey by technology industry analysts Gartner, the adoption of mobile devices is happening even faster than expected.

New White Paper "Trends for 2012: Malware Goes Mobile"

Many of you have read the last few weeks that we published posts on trends for 2012 in the field of malware and cybercrime. In this series I wrote a post based on the document that the Education and Research team of ESET Latin America put together, entitled "2012 Predictions: More mobile malware and localized

2012 Predictions: More mobile malware and localized attacks

I want share with you what ESET Latin America’s Research team thinks will be the main trends in malware and cybercrime in 2012. In our office it is usual to produce an analysis of emerging trends in a year-end report and so, in keeping with recent postings by my ESET colleagues, I present a summary

Calling Android Smartphone Zombies

Android Smartphones are under attack again by rogue applications that once installed are reading information from the phone and sending it back to a pre-assigned location. According to mobile security firm as many as 120,000 users may have been infected from a cafeteria selection of at least two dozen applications from the Android Market. “Once

Facebook Privacy: An Easy How-to Guide to Protecting Yourself

Introduction As the sun is setting and I breathe some of the night time air I am inspired to write about Facebook.  Yes, *the* Facebook, the third largest country if it were a physical place with boundaries under a common rule of law and government.  When many people use a service such as this, it

Got ICE?

ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”. The idea is that you put ICE in front of the contact(s) on your phone that you would want to have called if something happens and emergency personnel look at your cell phone to try to figure out who to call. I recently found a cell phone at

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