MS09-002 Exploits: Old Dogs, New Tricks?

A few days ago, I promised (threatened) to make some general points about biasing test results, but travel and other obligations have been getting in the way. I’ll get back to that very shortly, but in the meantime, I want to look at an issue with the latest round of Microsoft patches that I was

Bill Gates shares his fortune – not

As the Win32/Waledac nuisance continues to escalate, it’s good to know that there are some certainties in a changing world. One, unfortunately, is that people will continue to fall for hoaxes and chain letters. Much to my surprise, one of my mailboxes has just been visited by an old friend, a hoax that has been

Conficker Clarified

I just happened upon a blog that made an interesting point about the information that’s been made about Conficker. Essentially, the writer was fulsome in her praise of an article by Gary Hinson here, which gave some simple advice on dealing with Conficker/Downadup. As it happens, I’m familiar with the name Gary Hinson: he also contributes

Confounding Conficker

[Update: Spiegl Online reports (in German!) that the total may be as high as 50 million infected machines: however, this figure seems to be extrapolated from the number of infections picked up Panda's online scanner. Statistically, I'm not sure it makes any sense at all to try to correlate this self-selecting sample to the total population of

Sunday Miscellany

Here are a few rather disconnected items that I intended to blog about last week, but never had time to write up. First of all, an interview with an adware author from philosecurity.org that went up on 12th January. Excerpt: "Matt Knox, a talented Ruby instructor and coder, talks about his early days designing and writing

Confused about Conficker?

CNN reported that there a new sleeper virus out there. http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/ptech/01/16/virus.downadup/index.html There is nothing sleepy about the Conficker worm, it is wide awake and looking for people who are asleep at the security wheel. CNN reports that Conficker could allow hackers to steal personal and financial data, and they also report that it “it is

Microsoft to Give Away AV Software

Microsoft announced that they will be dropping OneCare and providing a free consumer anti-virus product. Much like when Microsoft announced they would enter the anti-virus market, this has caused quite a bit of media buzz. Much like when Microsoft announced they would enter the anti-virus market, this is not a big deal. To start with,

Habemus gusano Gimmiv para la vulnerabilidad de Microsoft

Ayer jueves 23, Microsoft lanzó, fuera del ciclo que corresponde al segundo martes de cada mes, la actualización MS08-067 (958644) clasificada como crítica ya que una vulnerabilidad en el protocolo RPC permite la ejecución de código remoto en el equipo del usuario, sin interacción ni autenticación del mismo. En palabras sencillas, alguien puede ejecutar el

Falso correo de Microsoft propaga malware

En los últimos días nuestro Laboratorio ha detectado una relevante cantidad de correos electrónicos spam que, bajo la excusa de provenir de la empresa de Microsoft, disemina un peligroso código malicioso. Se trata de un troyano con capacidades de spyware que ESET NOD32 detecta bajo el nombre de Win32/Spy.Goldun.NDM. El malware llega en archivo adjunto

Falsas actualizaciones de Windows XP y Vista

En las últimas horas hemos comenzado a recibir correos con actualizaciones falsas de Microsoft Windows XP y Windows Vista. El correo ofrece las actualizaciones en forma gratuita y el enlace permite la descarga de un archivo install.exe. Por supuesto, este archivo es un malware que ESET NOD32 reconoce como Win32/TrojanDownloader.FakeAlert.HJ, una de las tantas variantes

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