Grave vulnerabilidad MS12-020 afecta a sistemas Microsoft

La semana pasada surgió una nueva vulnerabilidad en los sistemas operativos desarrollados por Microsoft, denominada MS12-020 de acuerdo al sistema implementado para identificar las vulnerabilidades por la afamada empresa de software. Esta vulnerabilidad afecta al protocolo RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), es decir, a cualquier sistema operativo que posea el servicio de administración remoto activado. Los sistemas

WSUS: actualizaciones centralizadas en las empresas

A la hora de gestionar una empresa que cuenta con diversos recursos informáticos, es indispensable mantener sus sistemas operativos actualizados para adoptar el mayor nivel de seguridad posible. De esta manera se reduce en una gran medida la exposición que poseen estas empresas a la gran cantidad de amenazas. ¿Para qué sirven las actualizaciones? Antes

Windows Phone 8: Security Heaven or Hell?

Introduction Mobile World Congress 2012 is almost upon us, and one of the most hotly-anticipated topics is the next generation of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8, which has been kept under wraps far more tightly than its PC counterpart, Windows 8. While Microsoft was an early adopter in the creation of smartphones with

A dozen predictions for 2012

While I share the reluctance of my colleagues to predict the future, I think there are some trends that can be classified as “reasonably likely to occur” in 2012. I make no promises, but here’s what I think we will see, in no particular order of importance or certainty. We will see increased interest in

Top exploits 2011

Todos los años el laboratorio independiente, Virus Bulletin, celebra el evento más importante del año para la comunidad de investigadores de la industria antivirus, la Virus Bulletin Conference. En esta conferencia participan los principales investigadores de los laboratorios antivirus, entre ellos ESET, presentando las principales tendencias en lo que respecta al mundo del malware y

Much Ado About Facebook, Part II

Since yesterday’s Much Ado About Facebook post in the ESET Threat Blog, we have written additional articles, received a few comments, and also received updated information on the “threat,” so it seems that now is a good time for a follow-up article.  Reports continue to come in of pornographic and violent imagery on Facebook, and

Resumen de amenazas de septiembre

Escuchá el resumen mensual de amenazas en formato podcast: [audio:http://www.eset-la.com/resources/podcast/201109-podcast-eset-rma.mp3|titles=Podcast RMA – Septiembre de 2011 – ESET] Nuevamente compartimos un resumen mensual de amenazas correspondiente al mes de septiembre. Se reporto durante este mes una nueva propagación de una amenaza denominada Ramnit. La amenaza fue calificada como severa (la más alta), por el centro de

1000 days of Conficker

Nearly three years old, the Conficker worm continues to pose a threat to PCs. Aryeh Goretsky wants to know why this is, and what can be done about it.

Anti-Phishing Day

Too bad it doesn’t exist. I mean really exist. Here is how an anti-phishing day that is designed to be a highly effective educational deterrent to phishing would work. Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Myspace, Banks, Online Gaming sites, such as World of WarCraft, and others would all send phishing emails to their users. Yes,

Support Scams: Cold Calls, Cold Hearts

Here's a diagnostic window that your shouldn't panic over, certainly if some cold-calling scammer directs you to it by persuading you to run a diagnostic on your own system. But I'm getting ahead of myself. You might think I've blogged more than enough about support scams already – you know, where someone calls you out

Protecting Consumers from Rogue Online Pharmacies

Over the past couple of years rogue online pharmacies have been advertising their domains on search engines and promoting themselves through search engine optimization.  Legitimate pharmaceutical companies have their own measures in place to work on taking these sites offline.  The problem with rogue online pharmacies is that they do not meet federal regulations.  To

An ethical dilemma

Update: It seems like the initial article is inaccurate and that Paul Rellis never made any such comments about a 14 year old breaking into the X-Box live servers and have not offered to mentor him http://kotaku.com/5805742/microsoft-is-helping-an-xbox-live-hacker-develop-his-talent TekGoblin reports (http://www.tekgoblin.com/2011/05/27/14-year-old-call-of-duty-hacker-hired-by-microsoft/) that a teenager who broke into the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameservers last

Facebook gets something right

It seems a little strange to have the words "Facebook" and "privacy" in the same sentence in one of my blogs, yet it seems that Facebook CTO Bret Taylor testified at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on mobile phone and internet privacy. But it turns out the story is about rather more than privacy: it's

KB2506014 kills TDL4 on x64

The security update won’t necessarily help users who have already been infected with the bootkit as TDL4 blocks the Windows Update service on x86 machines. As a result, infected x86 machines won’t be able to download and install the patch automatically.

Cuenta regresiva a Internet Explorer 6

Cómo muchos de ustedes saben, el famoso navegador de Microsoft, el Internet Explorer 6, todavía es utilizado por una gran cantidad de usuarios alrededor de mundo. El uso de un navegador con 10 años de antigüedad puede representar una falla de seguridad muy importante, que no ha hace más que traer dolores de cabeza. Es

Paul Laudanski: "Estamos construyendo una vocación"

Compartimos una nueva entrevistas a los principales investigadores y equipo de Laboratorio de ESET a nivel mundial. De esta forma, además de la lectura diaria por los profesionales de Latinoamérica, también podrán conocer qué hace el equipo de ESET a lo largo del mundo. Aquí vamos con nuestra segunda entrevista… Nombre: Paul Laudanski Puesto: CTAC

Linux y Windows: unidos por el Autorun

Para los lectores frecuentes del blog, o aquellos que lidien día a día con casos de soporte técnico, con seguridad conocerán si les hablo del archivo autorun.inf. Este, alojado en la carpeta raíz de dispositivos extraíbles, es uno de los vectores de ataque más utilizados por los creadores de malware, para propagar sus amenazas por

Anatomy of a Biting Bunny – The Infected Microsoft Catalog Update

Aryeh Goretsky posted a blog about a trojan program in a Microsoft catalog update. I thought it might be a little interesting to know how this can happen and why it doesn’t happen more often. As it turns out, it was once my job to make sure that Microsoft did not release infected software. Initially

Trojan in Microsoft Update Catalog – A Bunny Bites Back

  UPDATE #1 Randy Abrams has posted a follow-up article, Anatomy of a Biting Bunny – The Infected Microsoft Catalog Update with additional information about how update services work, why they might distribute third-party code and what might be done to prevent malware from being distributed on services like Microsoft's Windows Update in the future.  7-FEB-2011.   Last

Microsoft’s recent MHTML Vulnerability – Follow up

  Just a quick follow up on the Microsoft Security Advisory (2501696) post that my colleague Randy Abrams wrote about on January 28th regarding Microsoft's recent MHTML vulnerability, which is listed by ESET as HTML/Exploit.CVE-2011-0096.A in our signature database.   Although reports remain low so far, any vulnerability in a particular version of Microsoft Windows

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