El 95% de los cajeros de EE.UU. aún operan con Windows XP

Desde hace varios meses Microsoft está anunciando que va a dejar de dar soporte a Windows XP, hecho que finalmente sucederá el 8 de abril de este año. No obstante, dicha versión del sistema operativo Windows sigue vigente en muchos equipos, como por ejemplo en EE.UU. donde el 95% de los 420 mil cajeros automáticos

Critical Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability patched by Microsoft

Microsoft releases a fix for a zero-day vulnerability that has already been exploited by hackers in targeted attacks against some organisations. Don’t delay!

Aprovechamiento de vulnerabilidades de Windows en 2013

Este post es una traducción y adaptación de su versión original en We Live Security En el último año, Microsoft (MS) corrigió una gran cantidad de vulnerabilidades para Windows y sus componentes, así como para Office. Algunas de estas vulnerabilidades eran utilizadas por atacantes para propagar códigos maliciosos antes de que estuviera disponible la revisión para

Critical IE and other flaws discovered. Patch your systems now, says Microsoft

If your system administrator looks a little frazzled this week, be nice to him or her and don’t grumble too much about the photocopier being jammed. It may be that they have more serious issues on their mind.

Microsoft y Google dan un paso más por la seguridad de los niños en Internet

Proteger a los más pequeños en Internet ha sido prioridad para muchas empresas y organizaciones en el mundo. Esta vez Microsoft y Google han acordado aplicar una serie de medidas para disminuir el intercambio de pornografía infantil en la red. La noticia que fue publicada por el diario británico Daily Mail resalta como estos dos gigantes

Here be dragons: Explorer “in dangerous territory” after public IE exploit release?

An exploit for a vulnerability which affects all versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been released as a module for the popular penetration testing tool Metasploit – sparking fears of a new wave of attacks.

14 parches de seguridad resuelven cerca de 50 vulnerabilidades en productos Microsoft

Hoy Microsoft publicó sus parches de seguridad correspondientes a este mes, los cuales resuelven problemas para Internet Explorer, Office y Windows, entre otros. Las actualizaciones lanzadas son 14 en total, 8 de las cuales corrigen vulnerabilidades que permitirían la ejecución de código por parte de posibles atacantes en forma remota, y 4 de las cuales

Safe Summer PC Usage – beat the heat and stay secure with your laptop, tablet or smartphone

Beat the heat, find somewhere cool to compute! But first check our tips on how to more safely navigate the mall, lobby, library, coffee shop or wherever you go to chill out with your digital devices.

FBI and Microsoft break up $500 million Citadel botnet

Microsoft and the FBI have broken up a large portion of the Citadel botnet – a network which had stolen $500 million from bank accounts in 90 countries around the world by installing keylogger software on five million machines.

Six months with Windows 8 (white paper)

ESET security researchers release white paper looking at the first six months of Windows 8. Just how secure is Microsoft’s new operating system?

Xbox One Kinect microphone “always on” security fears

The Xbox One Kinect microphone – one of the hi-tech new features of Microsoft’s new Xbox One console – has raised security concerns since it “listens” to users even when the console is turned off.

Internet Explorer 10 beats Chrome and Firefox for blocking malware, says analyst report

Internet Explorer 10 beats both Google’s Chrome and Firefox when it comes to blocking downloads of malware, according to analysts NSS Labs.

A quarter of all PCs have no malware protection, says Microsoft

A quarter of PCs around the world have no antimalware software, according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report.

Security warning for firms still using Windows XP as deadline looms

More than half of British companies could be at risk of cyber attack, after a survey found that IT departments had not begun the process of migrating from Windows XP- with just a year left before Microsoft stops offering support for the ageing OS.

Pirated software use triples – leaving PC users at risk of infection

Use of pirated and counterfeit Windows software has tripled since 2006, according to analysts IDC – creating a fertile breeding ground for malware. For the report, entitled ‘The Dangerous World of Pirated and Counterfeit Software’, IDC analysts conducted 533 tests on counterfeit software from P2P and web sources.

Vulnerabilidad sobre USB permite ejecución incluso con la sesión bloqueada

El martes pasado Microsoft publicó siete actualizaciones de seguridad, donde cuatro de ellas fueron categorizadas cómo críticas. Aquella correspondiente a MS13-027 fue clasificada como importante debido a que requiere acceso físico al sistema de la víctima. ¿Qué alcance posee la vulnerabilidad? La vulnerabilidad permite saltear cualquier tipo de control a través de la conexión de un

Adobe and Microsoft release critical patches for March

Adobe and Microsoft have both released patches this week to address vulnerabilities in respective software applications and advise all users to apply the patches as soon as possible, if applicable to them.

What do Win32/Redyms and TDL4 have in common?

At the beginning of January 2013, we started tracking the interesting Win32/Redyms trojan family. Redyms is notable for changing search results from popular search engines on infected machines.

Microsoft fixes Explorer vulnerability in out-of-band patch announcement

Microsoft has taken the unusual step of announcing a patch for an Internet Explorer vulnerability just a week after its traditional patch Tuesday announcements.

Securing Your Holiday Tech Gifts, Part 1: Windows PC Guide

[UPDATE #1:  (21 Dec 2012, 5:30PM) ESET Researcher Cameron Camp has just published the second part of this series on securing your Android device.  Read it here on the ESET Threat Blog at Securing Your Holiday Tech Gifts, Part 2: Android Guide.  AG] December is upon us, and whether you have a Christmas tree, menorah,

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