Outlook app blocked by EU parliament over ‘serious security issues’

The Microsoft Outlook app has been banned from use in the EU Parliament, according to emails from the parliament’s IT department, seen by PC World.

Microsoft phishing email targeting corporate networks with ‘neurotic malware’

Security researchers have uncovered a trojan that evades sandboxes specifically targeted at corporate users, hidden in legitimate looking phishing email that apes Microsoft’s Volume License.

The end of mainstream support for Windows 7. Learn from past mistakes

The end of mainstream support for Windows: Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, and be prepared. Especially if you’ve only just got rid of all the Windows XP computers in your company.

Microsoft to end free Advance Security Notifications

Microsoft is changing the way it distributes its Advance Notification Service, and will no longer make the security bulletins publicly available, according to eWeek.

.NET goes open source and cross-platform

Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is used to build millions of websites and online applications, is taking further steps to go completely open-source, Microsoft has announced at the Connect() virtual development event. The company also stated its commitment to eventually ensure the free code runs on Mac OS and Linux too, Wired reports.

Microsoft discovers vulnerability in all versions of Windows – patch available

Microsoft has uncovered a flaw in all supported versions of Microsoft Windows that could allow hundreds of millions of computers to be taken over by a remote attacker, International Business Times reports.

Microsoft issues rapid fix to GroupMe exploit

iOS and Android messaging app GroupMe has had a possible vulnerability fixed quickly by Microsoft, according to The Register. There was no evidence to suggest any cybercriminals had been able to exploit the flaw before it was patched.

42% of Americans hit by regular online attacks

A study by Microsoft has revealed that 42 percent of Americans face ‘weekly or daily’ attacks by cybercriminals trying to access their computers, Network World reports.

Microsoft denies it has ever been asked to plant a snooping backdoor into its products

If intelligence and law enforcement agencies have a genuine need to spy upon some communications then it should not be via a backdoor that could put millions of innocent, law-abiding users at risk.

Shaggy Dogma: Passwords and Social Over-Engineering

Given the ‘nightmare’ that is password management, is Microsoft right to say that it’s sometimes OK to re-use the same memorable password on several sites?

Microsoft emite alerta por certificados digitales falsos

Un poco más de una semana atrás, Google anunció que había encontrado certificados digitales ilegítimos en algunos de sus dominios. Los mismos habían sido generados por el Centro Nacional de Informática (NIC) de India, autoridad de certificación responsable de confianza del país, y esto hace que los mismos sean de confianza para la mayoría de los programas para Windows, como el navegador Internet Explorer. Desde su descubrimiento, han encontrado dominios pertenecientes a Google y Yahoo, entre otros.

Microsoft rushes out Internet Explorer fix – even for XP machines

Microsoft rushed out an emergency security fix for Internet Explorer, to fix a flaw which hackers had already exploited – affecting IE versions 6 to 11 on several versions of Windows.

Nube de Microsoft utilizada para alojar phishing

Usualmente, los atacantes buscan sitios vulnerables para alojar sitios de phishing y robar información de usuarios descuidados. Esta tendencia podría verse facilitada por el uso de servicios de alojamiento con períodos gratuitos de prueba de empresas reconocidas, y esto fue lo que ocurrió con Microsoft Azure. Entre los sitios afectados por estas campañas se encuentran

Microsoft, Facebook y Google invertirán en open source luego de Heartbleed

Gigantes como IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook y Google se han comprometido a invertir millones en mejoras para open source. El proyecto denominado Core Infrastructure Initiative estará adminsitrado por Linux Foundation y buscará financiar proyectos de código abierto para ayudar a mejorar sus niveles de seguridad. El software de código abierto u open source es utilizado

Goodbye, Windows XP!

This patch Tuesday, April 8, 2014, sees the last updates to be released to the public for Windows XP and Office 2003. After today, these programs have reached their End of Life (EOL) status, and will no longer be supported by Microsoft

If you love someone, upgrade them from XP

It is us, the nerdy geeks who are into computers, who have a moral right to help the great unwashed, and lead them into a bright new future without Windows XP.

Microsoft to fix zero-day flaw that meant just previewing an Outlook email could infect your computer

It’s one thing to have a security hole that relies upon users visiting an infected website, or opening a dodgy attachment – but it’s quite a different level of threat when simply *previewing* a message in your email client infects your computer.

With just days to go, just how many PCs are still running Windows XP?

If computers continue to run Windows XP, and don’t receive any more security patches. they are not just putting themselves and the data they carry at risk, they are endangering all of us who use the internet.

5 Tips for protecting Windows XP machines after April 8, 2014

Microsoft will cease providing security updates for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. If you cannot get away from Windows XP yet, there are still a few things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Vulnerabilidad 0-day en Microsoft Word permitiría ejecución de código

Microsoft publicó ayer un comunicado urgente debido a que encontraron una vulnerabilidad identificada como CVE-2014-1761 que afecta Microsoft Word, su mundialmente famoso procesador de texto. La amenaza corresponde al tipo 0-day y, según informan, el objetivo principal de los ataques es la versión 2010 de Word. No obstante, el problema podría comprometer a todas las

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