Desafío 16 de ESET

Compartimos con ustedes un nuevo desafío de ESET Latinoamérica, en donde se busca alentar a los lectores a poner en práctica las diferentes técnicas informáticas para descubrir una solución. En esta nueva ocasión, un colega nos envió el siguiente archivo, que se descargó de una red P2P, cuando quería instalar una aplicación. Sin embargo, parece

Confounding Conficker

[Update: Spiegl Online reports (in German!) that the total may be as high as 50 million infected machines: however, this figure seems to be extrapolated from the number of infections picked up Panda's online scanner. Statistically, I'm not sure it makes any sense at all to try to correlate this self-selecting sample to the total population of

MD5/SSL: is the sky falling?

Lots of fuss about the paper presented at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin yesterday by Alexander Sotirov et al. The paper describes a proof-of-concept attack using a weakness in the MD5 cryptographic hash function to create a rogue Cerification Authority certificate using a hash collision (essentially, two messages with the same MD5 hash value).

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08 Jul 2011
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