Fighting the OSX/Flashback Hydra

The biggest Mac botnet ever encountered, the OSX/Flashback botnet, is being hit hard. On April 12th, Apple released a third Java update since the Flashback malicious code outbreak. This update includes a new tool called MRT (Malware Removal Tool) which allows Apple to quickly push malware removal code to their user base. The first mission

Malware 2011 para Mac y la educación de los usuarios

Desde el Laboratorio de Investigacion de ESET Latinoamérica siempre afirmamos que uno de los pilares fundamentales para lograr un uso más seguro de las computadoras y dispositivos móviles es la educación de los usuarios. Por lo mismo, las diferentes compañías pertenecientes a la industria de la computación pueden esmerarse por mejorar la seguridad de sus

Vulnerabilidad crítica en Adobe Reader y Adobe Acrobat

Una de las cosas que tratamos de hacer especial hincapié es la importancia de mantener actualizados a todo momento tanto el sistema operativo que maneje, ya sea Windows, GNU Linux o Mac, así como también los programas que posean. Esto es porque muchas veces son descubiertas nuevas vulnerabilidades que son aprovechadas por los creadores de

Linux Tsunami para Mac OS X

Los sistemas Linux y Mac, siempre se caracterizaron, entre otras cosas, por tener mayor seguridad en relación a los ataques de los creadores de malware. Esto se debe a que el mayor porcentaje de los usuarios a nivel mundial poseen las distintas versiones de los sistemas Windows, por lo que les es más conveniente generar

Linux Tsunami hits OS X

We’ve just come across an IRC controlled backdoor that enables the infected machine to become a bot for Distributed Denial of Service attacks. The interesting part about it is that it’s a Mach-O binary – targeting Mac OS X. ESET’s research team compared this to samples in our malware collection and discovered that this code

Scams tras la muerte de Steve Jobs

Hoy es un día triste para la comunidad tecnológica, durante el día de ayer, Steve Jobs, fundador de Apple, falleció tras varios años de lucha contra el cáncer. Dejó atrás un legado que ha revolucionado la manera en la que escuchamos música, hablamos por teléfono y utilizamos las computadoras, ha sido un referente para muchos

Where there’s smoke, there’s FireWire

Forensic software developer PassWare announced a new version of its eponymous software forensics kit on Tuesday. Already several news sources are writing about how the program can automatically obtain the login password from a locked or sleeping Mac simply by plugging in a USB flash drive containing their software and connecting it to another computer

Vulnerabilidad crítica en Flash Player

Una vulnerabilidad crítica ha sido reportada esta semana. El martes 14 de junio, Adobe publicó su boletín de seguridad donde indica que fue afectada la versión de Flash Player y sus anteriores para las plataformas Windows, Mac, Linux y Solaris. Según Adobe, se trata de una vulnerabilidad de corrupción de memoria que puede llevar

MacGuard: la evolución de MacDefender sin credenciales

Hace unos días les comentábamos sobre un nuevo rogue para el sistema operativo de Apple, Mac Defender. El código malicioso, al igual que el resto de los falsos antivirus, se caracteriza por simular infecciones en el sistema y por tentar al usuario a la compra de una falsa licencia de software, por la cual será

Social engineers don’t care about your OS: and nor should you

Security companies in general and, unfortunately, anti-malware companies in particular, are often accused of ‘hyping’ threats because of a perceived self-interest. However, in the main, legitimate vendors and researchers like those at ESET typically try to resist overhyping or playing up threats where possible, in favor of more balanced discussion that can help customers take

MacDefender (now MacGuard) Can Install Without Credentials

The recent MacDefender Trojan has been receiving “rebranding” facelifts since it came out. It has now been deployed as MacProtector, MacDetector, MacSecurity, Apple Security Center, and there are no doubt more iterations to come. The malware has been updated, and now sports an improved UI that looks like a native Mac OSX application, unlike the

Piedra libre a Koobface

Este último viernes hemos visto un nuevo golpe a las botnet, en este caso se han dado de baja algunos de los centros de comando de Koobface, una reconocida botnet que ha estado en el ambiente desde hace ya algunos años y le ha dado a sus administradores grandes sumas de dinero en ganancias. Estamos

Mac to the Future

I like Macs. Not in an "OS X is God's own Operating System" sort of way, but I've owned/used many Macs, from SE/30s and IICX's to iMacs, eMacs and Macbooks. In fact, at least two of my books were written on the Powerbook which was my workhorse machine in my last couple of years at

Mac Malware OSX/OpinionSpy

A spyware application Intego calls OSX/OpinionSpy is being spread as part of the installation process for a number of screensavers and other apps.

April is the Cruellest Month*

This time last year I was on my way to Cambridge to deliver a presentation, having stayed up till the early hours of the morning to post a blog reporting that Conficker, although it had changed its behaviour, as we already knew it would, had not initiated the heat death of the Internet.  What's really

iPad scammers target the unwary

The Apple iPad is the current gadget du jour amongst the digerati and has been seeing strong presales, with estimates as high as 150,000 units on the first day.  With such attention in the media and the blogosphere, it is no wonder that both legitimate businesses and scammers have taken to using it as bait

PIN Money

Further to an earlier blog about the "broken" Chip & PIN credit card security system (strictly speaking, the primary problem described is with EMV), it's noticeable that, as John Leyden puts it, "Industry groups [have] leap[t] to Chip and PIN's defence." In fact, the response has been a bit more mixed than that. But there

Low Tech Theft

In this day of high tech international data theft, sometimes we forget that all of the old school attacks are still out there.  There was a stark reminder reported by Apple Insider. Apple purchasers may be at more risk because of the high dollar value of Apple computers compared to PCs. If I go to

Anti-Malware: Last One Out, Please Turn Off The Lights

It doesn't surprise me when someone says, like David Einstein of the San Francisco Chronicle, that there's no need for a Mac user to run anti-virus software. Though the most usual reason I see given is that there aren't any Mac viruses. (There are, but nowadays the main reason to run anti-malware on any platform

Malware Classification and The Lovely Bones

You might have noticed that there are certain issues that press my buttons: the Beeb's botnet, Mac myopia, using Virus Total as a substitute for comparative detection testing. And malware naming, an issue on which I've blogged several times recently. http://www.eset.com/threat-center/blog/2010/01/09/today-we-have-naming-of-err-malware-1 http://avien.net/blog/?p=121 The estimable Kurt Wismer has taken me to task – well, Tom Kelchner

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